Advantages of using software for moving services

Advantages of using software for moving services

With the use of a mobile application for cost estimation, as well as appropriate software for moving services, the mover reduces and greatly simplifies internal expenses and planning – now make your mover ready for the future.

Margins in the relocation business are constantly falling, not least because of the relocation brokerage platforms and high costs for online advertising. Planning is becoming increasingly important. And at the same time, it is imperative to be organized in a lean and cost-efficient way. Little air remains. The Work&Track software, with a powerful Mobile APP, can be a solution.

Moving companies, even small ones, are in strong demand in these times.

The price war for relocation orders is getting stronger and stronger. The online relocation platforms are putting pressure on the market. But you need these low-margin orders and at the same time you have to prioritize your direct customers.

It is therefore imperative that you are organized in a lean and cost-efficient way and have a strong focus on planning. Companies in the relocation sector often also offer cleaning services, furniture storage and long-distance moves. This is a challenge especially for small companies. Simple quotations with Word documents, verbal order placement, classic planning boards or Excel tables and paper forms for reporting are used. Data is entered multiple times and errors creep in.

It is obvious: The need to know which removal orders can be planned and when on the one hand and to have an overview of all resources for possible “emergencies” on the other hand is vital!

But most software solutions are too extensive, require integration by IT professionals, do not fit into a flexible team and are aimed at larger companies. So how to proceed?

With the Work&Track Mobile software for the moving company, a modern, clear, affordable solution, up and running in no time!

Work&Track is ideal for small businesses (SMEs). It uses software in the cloud and a mobile app. Key processes of your company for moving and cleaning can be mapped efficiently:

  • Mobile APP for estimating the cost/requirement on site direct dispatch of the moving offer.
  • Scheduling and disposition of employees, vehicles, mobile equipment for cleaning and moving.
  • Assignment via Mobile APP of moving employees, movers, removal assistants including checklists, packing lists, delivery lists.
  • Navigation to the loading/unloading address.
  • Reporting (time recording, service recording, damage recording).
  • Packing lists, delivery lists for extensive removals directly in the Mobile APP, also with barcode function.
  • Create the handover protocol, the packing material invoice, the collection receipt with customer signature by the moving employee via Mobile APP.
  • Tracking for remote moves.
  • Fleet management for the vehicle fleet, trailer, lift, etc. 
  • Employee administration with availability (including employee skills).
  • Support for furniture storage processes.

Optionally, other IT/software systems can be connected (e.g. CRM system, order form from the website, tracking function for customers). But also, simple data exports to Excel are supported.

Transparent planning and process control for moving services with Work&Track Mobile

Life becomes easier for the moving company. Work&Track allows you to focus entirely on your customers. Less time and thought has to be spent on staff scheduling and fewer errors occur.

Many companies in the removals industry now use Work&Track, while saving costs and being able to take on many more projects (increased turnover).

How is the sales team supported?

  • Quick and easy on-site collection of all information via mobile app on the smart phone/tablet or via web application.
  • Photo documentation of the carrying paths, photos of the staircase, photos of the rooms.
  • Registration of auxiliary material (packing material etc.)
  • Error-free calculation of the offer according to the deposited tariffs.
  • Direct dispatch of the offer as PDF via e-mail.

How is the scheduler helped?

  • Professional paperless work.
  • Always have an overview – Simple assessment of whether the order can still be accepted No more duplicate assignments in planning.
  • Create simple offers, order confirmations, delivery bills automatically.
  • Complete disposition of people, vehicles, lifts etc. quickly.
  • Receive information from the moving employee about the services and time required.
  • Regular export of the data (e.g. to Excel or other software).

How is the relocation employee helped?

  • Simple paperless working!
  • Information on loading and unloading address, with route guidance.
  • All information on moving and cleaning is clearly arranged and can be viewed directly on the Mobile APP.
  • Checklists for loading and unloading are visible.
  • Problems and damages can be recorded by means of photos.
  • Correct time recording (including breaks) is done directly in the smartphone.
  • Send a simple delivery bill on site directly to the customer.

And this is how we jointly implement the introduction with Work&Track!

Step 1: Work&Track has defined typical work processes for moving companies.
We adapt these together with you. Joint test phase and fine-tuning to your specific company requirements.

Step 2:One-time recording of all employees and their working hours.

Step 3: Workers load the Mobile APP (Android, IOS iPhone) from the App-Store/Google Play.

Step 4: The sales team or the dispatcher collects the information for the cost estimate and sends the offer directly via e-mail.

Step 5: After the order – The dispatcher sends the order confirmation by e-mail.

Step 6: The dispatcher allocates the orders to the right removal employee, mover, removal helper. The necessary vehicles and lift equipment are dispatched.

Step 7: The staff receive the orders via the Mobile APP on the smartphone.

Step 8: Employees work according to a checklist, record their working hours, log any problems with photos, issue receipts for customers, etc.
Step 9: The dispatcher checks the status of the work, informs the customer if necessary, transfers the data to the accounting department for immediate invoicing.

As a small business you can now test the software. In 72 hours, we will introduce the software. Save time and money. Prepare for the future.





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