APP for Work reports

APP for Work reports

It’s time to move forward with your job reports. At NEO, we want to help you generate customized work reports by adapting them to the digital transformation and the new needs of your technical field services.

The goal is to create much simpler and more efficient work reports, letting you track the work of your field technicians. Comply with regulations and service standards, without delaying your customer service.

Provide your team with an easy-to-use tool to generate work reports. Share them in real time regardless of the location of your technicians or the task assigned. Optimize productivity, reducing costs and digitizing the way you work.

Everything, directly from your employees’ mobile devices

An app designed to plan off-site operations, able to automate processes with automatic mobile reporting to customers, operational managers or coordinators.

Why digitize work reports?

An app for work reports that will allow you to progress in your document management to the next level of digitization, to make the whole organization participate in the field work. Eliminate unnecessary waits, easily assign services to each employee’s mobile phone.

Work&Track Mobile is a highly versatile, scalable and adaptable app for work reports for any kind of service.

  • Incident management and/or compliance with SLAs (Service Level Agreements).
  • Control and monitoring of external services.
  • Reports on the availability of technicians to meet customer demand.
  • Incident management, breakdowns, preventive or scheduled maintenance.
  • Installation certification processes according to installation standards.
  • Mobile technical support in the installation of assets and infrastructures.
  • Scheduling of teams with travel and remote work requirements.
  • Creation of reports for the helpdesk.
  • Equipment installation and maintenance processes.

The desktop version of the software is capable of monitoring equipment remotely, assigning and recording the work shifts of each worker, and providing a comprehensive view of the status of its operations, with real-time assignment of work orders, according to the skills of each technician.

Digital Scheluding tasks
Scheluding tasks | Road map | work order assignments

What features does Work&Track Mobile have?

  • Task scheduler with direct dispatch to the team.
  • Chat and tele-monitoring integrated into the application for technical support.
  • Secure storage repository for raw data.
  • Processes and forms generator to transform your real activity and digitized work.
  • Route optimizer with integrated GPS navigator.
  • On-screen signature, code reading, file upload to facilitate activity reporting.
  • Application for the Control of working hours.
  • Customization of work reports.
  • Integration with third party systems (ERPs, BI tools, Accounting).
App for digitize work reports
Work order | Service report | Activity progress report

The coordinator will be able to dispatch multiple service orders simultaneously, while activating the necessary processes according to the demand of work reports.

The off-site operational management requires special solutions that ensure the provision of a high quality service with high performance digital management of work reports.

Carry the company’s document management in a simple app with work reporting. Available via application download, and also in desktop version for use in the office.


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If you have any questions call us at (+34) 91 575 18 06 or write us Whatever you prefer. We will be happy to show you how Work&Track Mobile manages work reports.





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