ᐅ The 9 must have apps for Installers

ᐅ The 9 must have apps for Installers

As every day, thousands of installation technicians travel to their workplaces to perform technical installation or maintenance services. In many cases, installation technicians do not have the necessary resources to optimize their work.

Paperwork and unnecessary travel create all kinds of delays that are difficult to make up throughout the day, piling up work. Tools are heavy, and sometimes take up more space than necessary and are not efficient for measurement, installation or repair.

The technical assistance services have changed a lot, to the point that some of the tools used by installers have become outdated.

The digital transformation has arrived to help in the tasks of any installer, builder, carpenter, electrician, plumber, gas technician, network technician… 

Nowadays, the cell phone is the greatest ally of any installer, and the use of mobile applications can be of great help to optimize the field service work.

We have equipped the installer of the 21st century with the 9 must-have apps for installers, a set of apps designed to optimize any technical service:

Apps to be used during installation

Google lens can be very useful for translating text from images, searching for information about things you see, completing tasks faster and better understanding the world around you, all with just your camera or a photo.

Angle meter Smart Tool Factory: an accurate tool for angle or tilt measurement, with a screen capture option on the laser level that is very useful for comparison and display. Used for satellite antenna installations where high accuracy is required.

Bubbel level PixelProse SARL: take your level everywhere, a very useful measuring instrument for different types of installations, useful when working in construction, carpentry, bricklaying, plumbing, electrics, telecommunications… easy to use without menus and with audible level alarm.

Most cell phones can function as a flashlight by activating the flashlight function. However, in the Android market we can find Flashlight, one of the most sophisticated and complete flashlight app that regulates the light intensity of the device. It also allows you to turn on emergency lights. Very useful in case you need assistance.

Use the augmented reality to measure as if you were measuring with a tape measure. With the application AR Ruler App uses augmented reality (AR) technology to measure in the real world with the mobile camera. Just point the lens at the horizontal plane and start measuring!

Apps for electrical calculations

Electrical Calculations is the best app in the electrical sector, it has many calculations that can help you in your work, you can’t go wrong with your smartphone. It is the best app for an electrical installer.

Apps to find parking and charge the van

For those times when you have to travel and park in the city center, have an application such as ElParking-App for drivers will allow you to find the nearest parking lot wherever you are without worrying about having cash, as you will be able to pay via NFC from your cell phone.  

If your vehicle is electrically powered Electromaps will help you find the recharging point that best suits your needs. Search for recharging points by type of connector, power, or type of establishment.

App for route optimization, reporting, task scheduling and time control

The app for installers Work&Track Mobile allows you to receive, in real time, the services to be performed, manage each work order and report the activity. It is available for all types of devices, and can be used in offline mode for remote work without an internet connection. The app has the ability to read QRs, integrations with analyzers TESTO combustion and scanning of bar codes.

The information collected by each installer is securely sent to the web platform to be consulted. The web platform + App has atask scheduler, time control and route optimizer, one of the most complete app for installers on the market.

With Work&Track Mobile save time and save costs to improve business productivity. Discover its full potential by requesting a FREE ONLINE DEMO.





> Boosts production by fostering the use of technology.

> Real-time work order monitoring system.