Improve performance with Business Process Management

Improve performance with Business Process Management

Work&Track Mobile, the best BPM software on the market

In the digital world, “managing, assigning and controlling” is defined as business process management and is performed with the help of BPM software. But do you really know how far this goes? improve performance with Business Process Management.

“Everything under control” has become more than just a slogan, the phrase that every manager uses every day. In a company with many employees, some of whom are not in the office, keeping everything in order is sometimes a complicated task.

We know that every company is a different world, and that they are managed and organized differently. That of course “every master has his notebook” and he has managed to find this scenario where he has everything under control, but can we really control everything without missing any detail?

Business Process Management can be defined as a management discipline consisting of methodology and technology. With the aim of improving the performance (efficiency and effectiveness) and the optimization of the business processes of an organization.

One way or another, every company has a “workflow” or a ” business process management” system, but maybe they don’t even know it. For example, a beverage distribution company has its own workflow:

  1. The customer service collects the orders
  2. Sends the order to the warehouse
  3. It is prepared in the warehouse and loaded on the truck
  4. Delivery note with all deliveries will be printed out
  5. The dispatcher manages the route and delivers the goods
  6. Get the delivery note signed
  7. Signed delivery note goes to the administration
  8. The administration prepares the invoice
  9. Customer service invoices and starts collecting the money.

In this case, we needed four different people to carry out the work process, a lot of paper and wasted time in delivering and checking the documents.

If we work in a team consisting of several people where orders, delivery notes and invoices are available in paper form. Where some are handwritten and therefore there is a high risk of errors. Without efficiently knowing where the error occurred, and with a rather high personnel and time expenditure.

With a platform that digitizes and manages business processes or business process management, we will save costs and time and ensure customer loyalty. Because we can track the process and we know in what status it is. This allows us to identify incidents at that moment and gives us enough time to solve them.

Work&Track Mobile enables you to take control of your business. Know who does what, how they do it and where they have to go to do it. By creating forms, you ensure that each process or task is carried out in the same way by requesting the necessary actions: Signature, photo, e-mail or files, and all of this error-free and in real time.

On the other hand, the employees in the process will be able to assign tasks to their colleagues, check their correct execution, solve problems and control the correct flow of the work process.

With Work&Track Mobile you have all the information you need at your fingertips. A key tool for keeping control of your business by digitalizing the way you work.

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