Business Process Management Software (BPM)

Business Process Management Software (BPM)

Process management software for technical field service

The technical services company seeks to optimize field processes in order to offer an agile and efficient technical service.

Optimizing processes means being open to adaptation and change, optimized process management helps to plan tasks and track work orders in real time.

Effective time management is key to increasing productivity. Digitizing processes means saving time to devote to other higher priority tasks. Streamlining processes with the right technological support means considerable savings for companies in resources and time dedicated to the organization of their field technicians. 

Optimizing the off-site activity using process management software saves time and resources.

The major difference between process management software

When it comes to choosing process management software for field services, a smart choice would be a process management software that can manage all the off-site activity on a single platform. The big difference between today’s process management software is whether or not it includes solutions for route optimization related to work orders or fleet management to keep efficiency of vehicles up to date.

The main features of these solutions in the off-site management services include:

  • The route optimizer assigns the most efficient route to the field technicians among the different work orders available, and provides the possibility of defining variable lead time estimations.
  • Fleet management with GPS tracking devices allows the collection of data for vehicle location and tracking, fleet maintenance, management of administrative procedures, control of expenses, fuel costs, consumption or driving behaviour in order to optimize and extend the performance and lifecycle of a fleet.

Digitize and unify workflows with Work&Track Mobile

Advantageously for companies, the Work&Track Mobile process management software effectively supports companies with technical field services. The system covers all the needs of a process management software with specific advantages and functionalities addressed to the technical field service, in areas such as: work organization, route optimization and fleet management.

A 3-in-1 process management system that digitizes and unifies all the off-site activity of companies with technical field services. The functionalities of a process management software as this one are:

  • Designer of processes and digital forms.
  • Task scheduler with direct dispatching of work orders.
  • Real-time monitoring and management of work orders.
  • Route optimizer and working maps.
  • GPS fleet management and tracking.
  • Signature on screen, QR code scanning, Barcodes, Electronic proof of delivery.
  • Personalized activity report and document forwarding.
  • Integration with other ERP systems.
  • Chat integrated, time and attendance control, notification system for mobile alerts.
  • Download mobile App for IOS and Android…

Automated processes can vary, from scheduling to route optimization, and that is where the flexibility of a tool such as Work&Track Mobile makes the difference. Using this process management software as a technological solution for any company is simple, because it allows scaling the business regardless of the number of field technicians, through a pay-per-use or Software as a service model.

The digital transformation has arrived to effectively support technical field services… choose Work&track Mobile, as software and mobile application for the management of technical field service processes.





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