Customized route maps

Customized route maps

Customized route maps

Customized route maps:

Design your own digital forms

Con Work&Track Mobile you can create your own forms using drag-and-drop technology, define which data and instructions your drivers should receive and which you would like to report as information and proof of delivery. It’s easy:

  • 1. Define the form fields using an intuitive online editor. You have numerous controls to customize each job or report: geolocation, signature, photos, videos, choices, dropdown menu, data, electronic signature, etc.
  • 2. It sets the properties of each element of the form: whether it is mandatory to fill it in or not, the instructions the transporter will see, etc.
  • 3. Once the design is complete, your form is ready to be filled in by your coordinators or drivers (depending on how you configure it).

Most popular features

  • Route management and optimization

  • Management of atypical deliveries