Digital management of social-health operations

Digital management of social-health operations

Connect with your employees in real time while they are making healthcare visits. Agilely plan and assign tasks to your technicians according to the needs of each patient’s services. Digitize each request for social and health services in home care through digital forms. Manage the fleet of vehicles and optimize the best route to reach your destination.

Manage all social and healthcare operations by centralizing all activity on a single platform.

This is Work&Track, the platform for the control of the activities that take place every day in health and social services, capable of digitizing work reports, optimizing transport routes or telesupervising patient care services in real time.

Digital management of socio-health operations

Each technician or assistant will know from his own cell phone and in real time what he has to do, where, when and how without the need for paper orders.

This system puts in the hands of the coordinator a perfect tool to automatically assign tasks according to technicians and services, intelligently planning the assignment of work orders and optimizing the best route.

It will allow coordinators to send real-time alerts, notifications, incidents, new service orders to each technician based on their status and location.

The cell phones will serve as a support to guide each worker during their service and report the activity in an agile and efficient way, with digital signature, QR code reader, location and control of working hours, file uploading and personalized documents.

Optimizing health and social transport routes

The route optimizer assigns the most efficient route to each field technician among the different work orders available, and offers the possibility of defining variable lead time estimates.

Fleet management with GPS tracking devices allows the collection of data for vehicle location and tracking, fleet maintenance, management of administrative procedures, control of expenses, consumption or types of driving to optimize and extend the performance and useful life of the fleet.

Telemonitoring and chat in home care services

Telesupervision in emergency notifications and health and social services operations provides a new scenario for the supervision of operations.

Allows a technical user during his work, to initiate and maintain a communication channel with another technician, supervisor or manager through video call or chat (sharing messages, files, videos, etc.) just like in Whatsap or Telegram.

Supervisors will no longer have to travel to carry out operations supervision, and will be able to perform their work in real time through the platform Work&Track Mobile.

  • Connect with your employees, Telesupervise work on the road.
  • Telesupervision of operations.
  • Real-time feedback.
  • Content recording and information management in a single platform.
  • Integrated chat. Efficient solution for incident management.
  • Encrypted storage system.

Chat, call, videoconference and file exchange are available to everyone to share information in the field and carry out work orders in a much more agile and efficient way.

Advantages of digitizing social-health services in home care

  • Reduce paperwork and travel with significant cost savings.
  • Simplifies the daily management of administrators, coordinators and technicians.
  • Available through each technician’s mobile terminal.
  • Places the patient at the center of the process by always keeping him/her informed of the arrival time.
  • In the event of unplanned service requests, the system automatically replans each task intelligently and assigns according to the type of service and technician best placed.
  • Improve technician productivity by optimizing their routes according to the priority of each service.
  • It allows to know at all times the status of each task and to plan work shifts.
  • Integration with other enterprise systems.
  • Possibility to include fleet management system Work&Track Fleet GPS.
  • It connects in real time and monitors the activity being performed.

Move to efficient process management on a complete mobility platform developed to digitize the field activity of social-health transport and home care services.

Effective time management is key to increasing productivity. Digitizing processes means saving time to devote to other higher priority tasks. Streamlining processes with the right technological support means considerable savings for companies in resources and time dedicated to the organization of their workers and healthcare technicians.

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