Digitize the sales team and increase the success of your sales

Digitize the sales team and increase the success of your sales

Increased sales turnover thanks to improved collaboration between sales manager and sales teams with Work&Track Mobile

The deployment of the sales team (sales representatives, account managers, salespeople) is cost-intensive and accordingly efficiency and effectiveness must be achieved. The key to success lies in digitize sales team optimizing the cooperation between the sales manager and the sales team on the one hand and between the office and the sales team on the other. By using a suitable Field Service software, the digitalization helps to recognize the potentials and achieve better results.

The sales manager usually holds weekly meetings with the sales team. He is informed about the status of important sales potential and the planned activities in the coming days and gives tactical hints which should lead to success.

Meetings are often held over the phone, are insufficiently prepared and many activities remain undiscussed. Experience has shown that the CRM system is not used because it is simply impractical from the salesperson’s point of view.

The sales manager is therefore unable to see things clearly. However, he wants to be constantly informed about what his sales team is doing at a certain moment, how much time is effectively spent with the customer, what were the concrete results of a visit.

In today’s world, it is more important than ever to make quick decisions and jointly generate more turnover.

Even the office staff, customer service and the call center are groping in the dark. When a customer calls, it is often unclear where the sales representatives are now and whether they could, for example, make an appointment with the customer on the same day.

The customer service department lacks an overview and the possibility to schedule an appointment for the sales team. The Outlook appointment management reaches its limits. Many unnecessary telephone calls for coordination are necessary, which causes costs and destroys many opportunities.

The solution: digitize sales team improves collaboration and visibility with the FSM software Work&Track Mobile platform!

Field Service Management (FSM) software not only allows service technicians to work, it can also be used as a platform for sales staff. We achieve with it:

  • Effective and efficient sales and service team,
  • Increased productivity of sales/field service,
  • More turnover,
  • Efficient customer service,
  • Satisfied customers,
  • Less stress, motivated, successful employees,
  • Reduction of travel times (unproductive time), reduction of travel costs (petrol),
  • Increase the return on investment in the sales and customer service teams.

Any type of company with a sales team can use Work&Track. From just a few employees, the benefits can be clearly felt. It does not matter whether it is a sales concept with a traditional sales team, sales representatives or account managers. Various scenarios can be mapped where:

  • A salesperson visits customer in a certain region every day.
  • A salesperson has fixed appointments, which are ideally combined by spontaneous customer visits in the surrounding area.
  • A salesperson has few, but important scheduled customer visits.

Concrete benefits for all those involved in the new collaboration thanks to Work&Track

The implementation of Work&Track in your company can be realized with or without a connection to a CRM or ERP. Work&Track is used with a mobile app on the Smartphone/Tablet for the field service. The sales manager and customer service use a Work&Track web application. The solution is cloud based and can be deployed in a very short time thanks to intuitive parameterization.

Benefits for the sales staff

  • It supports the salesperson in simple planning (e.g. optimal sequence of visits considering the necessary travel time).
  • Shows potential customers in the proximity which visits should be made.
  • Enables easy reporting of essential information (for CRM).
  • Allows live order entry including the customer’s signature.
  • Helps to reschedule a follow-up visit.
  • Offers automatic time recording, also of overtime.
  • Reduces the effort for expense submission and mileage accounting.
  • Helps to record any quality defects.

Benefits for the sales manager

  • Allows orders to be placed directly with the salesperson.
  • Optimized sales planning with consideration of visiting and driving times, supported by route optimization, is possible with little effort.
  • It provides an overview of the current weekly schedule of the sales team or a specific salesperson.
  • Offers a presence control of the sales staff.
  • Creates a real-time overview of which salesperson is where at any given time, without the need to call back.
  • Provides an overview of the open visits.
  • Allows easy communication with the salesperson using a messenger (instead of e-mail, telephone).
  • All visit logs can be viewed instantly.

Benefits for office staff, customer service (or call center)

  • Provides a real-time overview of which seller is where. Much better than with the calendar entries in Outlook.
  • You can see if the salesperson is at a customer appointment and must not be disturbed or if he or she is in the car and can take a phone call.
  • Additional visits can be scheduled live and the sales representative is immediately assigned. The sales representative acknowledges receipt of the order.

Other benefits that can be offered for collaboration and sales optimization via the Work&Track Mobile App:

  • Time recording, no more manual reports, transparent and complete due to geo-tracking and time stamps.
  • Expense account, complete daily submission incl. photo voucher.
  • Quality deficiencies/complaints and damages etc. can be efficiently documented with photo or video.
  • Simple assignment of the field service for an emergency.

As a sales manager it is important to manage the future. If you do the work in the same style as in the past, you will not open new opportunities. Do not stop. Use digitalization for this purpose and achieve better results together with your team. More success in sales with the FSM Tool Work&Track!!.




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