Digitizing processes in gas distribution

Digitizing processes in gas distribution

Digitizing gas distribution processes enables efficient management of field services

The digitization of processes in gas distribution has led us to use digital technologies to optimize and improve the efficiency of natural gas and other gas distribution. This can involve a variety of technologies and solutions to more effectively manage the mobile work of the entire gas distribution cycle, from production to delivery to the end consumer.

Work&Track Mobile digitizes the processes of gas distribution, control and reporting of the activity of in-house and outsourced technical personnel in charge of performing, managing and coordinating operations in the field.

With more than 20 years of experience, 50 million transactions per year, and more than 9.000 mobile users working with the system, we have provided solid support to the distribution processes in the gas sector of vital importance to companies.

Process management is the key to gas distribution operations

The development of Work&Track Mobile has enabled technicians and operators to access real-time data, network status reports, schedule maintenance tasks and track repairs by digitizing the processes linked to gas distribution, supporting high-volume and complex operations:

1) Periodic inspections of the customer’s gas installation to ensure that it meets the quality and safety requirements of the corresponding standards.

2) Household operations involving all activities that require a technician to travel to the customer’s home (shut-offs, reopenings, meter changes, etc.).

3) The dispatch of work orders for the connection of new customers to Gas.

4) The attention of emergency notices and works of technical maintenance services in assets and infrastructures.

5) Works supervision, control of execution times and supervision of compliance with technical, environmental, safety, health and administrative specifications.

The system channels all operational information and offers traceability in the control of gas distribution operations with greater operational efficiency in decision making and effective response to emergency situations, optimizing the use of resources and reducing costs.

Efficient technology applicable to the entire gas distribution cycle

Work&Track Mobile is a complex system that allows the use of a multi-company web application and mobile applications for iOs and Android devices that can be easily integrated into other company management systems.

The system is composed of a process designer where business processes can be easily defined by associating them to intelligent digital forms, along with extra functionalities such as: a complete product for the management and control of geo-referenced data, a system for sending Push notifications, a route and travel optimizer or a task planner.

Our technology offers a user-friendly solution that operates under a Software as a Service (Saas) model for a holistic and efficient management of gas distribution, optimizing the management of mobile work and discovering new savings opportunities.

At NEO we drive your business through digital transformation to effectively support work in the field… choose Work&Track Mobile, as a software and mobile application to digitize processes in gas distribution by managing more effectively the entire distribution cycle, from production to delivery to the final consumer.





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