Does my SME need a Field service App?

Does my SME need a Field service App?

As you already know, mobile technologies are increasingly facilitating communications in the professional field. Their development and widespread use have meant a real opportunity for all types of companies, which have been able to see the benefits of digitizing processes in their field activities.

In this sense, companies that have been able to make quick and effective decisions based on mobility have been able to see how field service apps have improved their productivity and customer satisfaction, with almost no implementation costs.

Do SMEs need Field Service technology?

From a business point of view, field team management is best controlled by applying business process mobilization to mobility management, using a field service app for work order assignment and activity reporting control.

Therefore, the range of control over the tasks that occur outside the office is expanded, while at the same time improving, optimizing and expanding the ability to manage work. The truth is that, strategically speaking, it is an essential tool for improving productivity.

There is no doubt that before making the decision to start the digital transformation process, we must ask ourselves: which processes of our organization are susceptible to be transformed for use during the field service activity. And about these, which are the processes that will need more attention to be attended in real time.

The scalability of the digital tool allows the initial configuration of each user to generate a replica of the existing processes in the company, forms and reports with which to continue progressing with the activity and obtaining new customers.

Mobile technology coupled with Field service management has improved communication and as a result of the process has allowed many SMEs, regardless of their size, to better adapt to the new digital environment and a new way of working, without unnecessary paperwork, being more efficient in the organization of their mobile workers.

How to improve the performance of an SME worker during field services?

From the employee’s point of view, to improve communication, the use of a mobile application will tell them where to go, what to do, how and when… in a way that will allow them to work more autonomously and efficiently. The change is substantial, and occurs when the time spent on administrative procedures is dedicated to better satisfying customers.

The activity report is transferred to the cell phone, from where to import essential data for the activity report, such as: photos, pdfs, signatures, QRs scanning, etc… it is where, together with task planning, worker monitoring, work order dispatching and route optimization, a Field service app acquires value for field work.

What are the advantages for an SME to use a field service application?

The digital transformation of mobility meets the mobilization of processes, and field service management to improve the way we work, more connected and without a location to return to in order to deliver paperwork with the customer’s signature printed on it.

A field service app will allow an SME to monitor and geolocate its field personnel, organize their tasks (intelligent order dispatching, route optimization, etc.) and activity reporting (with customized forms and processes).

With the use of mobile technology we will be able to offer faster services and solutions that are better adapted to working conditions, more agile and efficient:

  • Organize the work team: know the location and activity performed, in real time, of each displaced worker.
  • Improve customer service: optimize routes and assign services efficiently. Reduce waiting times, incidents and delays.
  • React in time: act immediately on previously configured emergencies, warnings and alarms.
  • Digitize the activity in the Field service app: design a reporting application according to the day-to-day needs of the business.
  • Define processes and forms: include all the processes, activities and digital forms you need.
  • Connect with your customers: inform customers in real time about the status of your service and learn more about their tastes and opinions.

Today, the real business factor is customer service and enterprise mobility systems are the perfect tool to satisfy it. Work&Track Mobile is an innovative platform aimed at mobilizing business processes. The system is designed so that any company, regardless of its size, can transform its mobility processes through its Field Service app to improve the management of mobile personnel.





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