Efficient technology for machinery maintenance

Efficient technology for machinery maintenance

Field service software for machinery maintenance

The repair of heavy, agricultural and construction machinery is a job for qualified technicians. Although the human factor is key, scheduling regular and preventive maintenance will be the best way to guarantee the correct functioning of the machinery, avoiding costly repairs in the long term. 

In support of the maintenance and repair operations carried out by the technical service, advances in Field service software for machinery maintenance ensure high levels of technician productivity and machinery performance.

From a machinery mechanic’s point of view, carrying out maintenance and repair work is no an easy task. In many cases, They are facing problems with carrying out repairs outside the workshop. These repairs require transportations and generate a lot of wasted time, paperwork and costs for the company.

On top of this, they faces the transportation of the heavy machinery, which is another issue that requires control, tracking and monitoring. And since customers always require an efficient response in the shortest possible time, it is necessary to adopt new work organisation systems based on the latest Business Process Management technology.

Workflow system for efficient resource management

Work&Track Mobile offers to machinery service companies the most advanced software in business process management  for an efficient resource management, when it comes to efficiently carrying out maintenance and repair of work on heavy machinery, whether it be agricultural or construction site machinery, or when moving heavy machinery from one location to another. 

Our solution, based on the company’s workflow, makes it possible to deal with a greater number of orders with the same resources without having to expand staff or scale business, while keeping full control of the tasks performed outside the company.

Software for the technical service of heavy agricultural, construction and construction machinery.
Software for the technical service of heavy agricultural, construction and construction machinery.

The workflow software, Work&Track Mobile, only offers advantages for the user. Carrying out maintenance and repair of machinery, keeping track of preventive maintenance tasks, monitoring the transport of heavy machinery or optimising routes, that saves technicians and drivers unnecessary displacements and paperwork, with less time spent on unproductive tasks.

With our system it is possible to effortlessly plan in advance the next task to be performed by the field service technician, dispatching the work orders while the field service technician is on duty and managing reports with mobile devices in real time.

Mobile technology and innovation in the TSS sector

Any technician can use the Work&Track Mobile app on their own mobile phone, and follow step-by-step tasks that are duly completed through digital forms. The sending of reports for heavy agricultural and construction maintenance machinery is automatically generated and sent.

Innovation is the key to the modernisation of the sector. The digital transformation of machinery repair service operations involves supporting the processes that take place where the service takes place. Field Service technology brings safety and efficiency to the processes and tasks performed by the service technician in:

  • Incident reception and real-time breakdown reporting.
  • Dispatching of work orders to technicians already on duty.
  • Technical information enquiry.
  • Register of used materials.
  • Control of working hours and work reports.
  • Online consultation service and digital signature.
  • Information collected and updated on the spot.
  • Digital transformation of daily spreadsheets.
  • Optimisation of transport routes.
  • Preventive maintenance.
  • Use of digital forms.

The analysis, planning and allocation of scheduled maintenance tasks with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technology has increased the speed of processing the data generated to ensure better use of assets, equipment and machinery. Until now, machinery maintenance has been time-consuming and resource-intensive. With applications such as Work&Track Mobile, technical service will be a breeze.





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