Field Service technology for emissions measurement

Field Service technology for emissions measurement

What does our emissions measurement technology consist of?

Work&Track Mobile is the Field Service Management technology application that allows integrating the data obtained from the emission analyzer devices with the field management system, providing added value to the emissions measurement, making them more efficient and safe.

More efficient and safer measurements with Work&Track Mobile

The mobile technical user will be able to access the data collected in the field by the emission analyzer devices, to analyze and verify the operation of assets and facilities, and to generate activity reports with the information needed for the effective control and monitoring of emissions.

Work&Track Mobile’s structured data warehouse allows companies to optimize control and supervision processes with security in certifications or inspections, engineering services, or tests and trials for laboratories, with the possibility of integrating Business Intelligence tools for data analysis, modeling and visualization.

Furthermore, our technology is adaptable to different business processes and terminology, given the possibility of designing customized forms and processes, which makes Work&Track Mobile the most effective technology for the treatment of data obtained by emission analyzer devices.

Integration process with emission analyzer devices

This versatility extends to integration with Work&Track Mobile. Offering the system integrated with any device or system of use for the measurement and analysis of emissions on the market.

Once the characteristics of the model are clear, the integration is done through a JSON file generated by the manufacturer’s own app, or by establishing communication directly with the analyzer via low-latency Bluetooth.

Benefits of integration in your measurement operations

  • Increased productivity: the ease of entering, modifying or querying data in the system translates into a reduction of the time spent for each measurement process. Doing more with fewer resources in a more efficient way.
  • Cost reduction: with Work&Track Mobile technology it is also possible to improve the costs associated with mobile work, the reduction of paperwork (paperless office) and the digitization of processes or the reduction of unnecessary travel increases the profitability and competitiveness of the company.
  • Lower ecological cost: field activity is directly related to CO2 emissions. Route optimization has become an important ally in reducing the ecological cost for the environment.

Work&Track Mobile adapts to the needs of your company by integrating emission analyzer devices in field service processes. Discover its full potential…




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