Boosts production by fostering the use of technology

Boosts production by fostering the use of technology

Advances in process management are accompanying companies in industries such as power generation and distribution. Field Service Management technology and process management enables companies in the gas, oil, solar, wind and hydrogen industries to support their operations services on site or in the field.

Research and development transforms knowledge into precise solutions that improve efficiency and cost savings in the field of mobility

Field Service Management continues to be the first choice tool for field service technicians helping companies to streamline their processes in a sustainable way.

Reducing paperless office, digitising the way we work, reducing unnecessary travel, smart planning and route optimization are the key tools for the decarbonisation of the economy.

This means greater production effectiveness, doing more with less effort and resources, is closely connected to the sustainability of the supply chain.

Field Service technology to boost operations

Creating processes, we digitise tasks and jobs, establishing digital forms to plan each service intelligently, and assigning and optimizing routes to ease field work. Performance monitoring is key to further progress, with analysis of the results.

A close-knit team helps to reduce production costs in tasks such as:

  • Construction of networks and new facilities.
  • Regular inspection and maintenance work.
  • Urgent breakdown and repair services.
  • Distribution network supervision.
  • Site surveillance and security.
  • Time control, preventing occupational hazards and accidents.
  • Site inspections and regular audits.
  • Incident management and online support.
  • Home-based and after-sales operations.
  • Meter reading, etc…

The coordinator will be able to know at all times the what, who, where and when of the outsourced work and, more interestingly, automate the dispatching of tasks and services directly to each worker’s mobile phone.

The orders forwarded in real time provide all the necessary information to optimize the field work:

  • Placement of the work to be carried out.
  • Description of the work to be undertaken.
  • Work status of each field technician.
  • Streamlined route from the location to the workplace.
  • Performance Activity Report Form.
  • Length of the scheduled working time.
  • Placement of the next assigned task.

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