How do you make the best field reports?

How do you make the best field reports?

Technology is advancing rapidly for technical field service, Work&Track Mobile’s field reporting software improves the speed and efficiency of report creation by adjusting to the needs of field work management, allowing increasingly more detailed reports to be produced depending on the controls available and the fields chosen in the definition tool during the construction of the form.

Provide your team with the most effective reporting software for field work and share it in real time wherever they go. Analyse the efficiency of the work carried out, detecting points of improvement and optimising overall efficiency.

A customised solution with which to create activity reports to be sent to the end client, operations manager or coordinator from each field technician’s own mobile terminal, by simply downloading the Work&Track Mobile App, and in a web version for work in the office. Easy, comfy and effective.



What does the Work&Track Mobile field reporting software offer?

With Work&Track Mobile’s field reporting software you can collect any type of data from an activity, such as:

  • Status history: date, start/end status, description, user.
  • Characteristics of the notice: type of notice, description, remarks, address.
  • Scanning of QR codes, scans, barcodes or NFC tags.
  • Design of sections and page headers and footers.
  • Capture of images from mobile devices.
  • Geographical location with GPS data.
  • Tables with data recording and measurements.
  • Mandatory fields to ensure fundamental tasks and information gathering.
  • Sending reports in Excel, HTML or PDF format.
  • Customisation of field reports with the company’s graphic image.

Save time and travel by filling in and collecting data digitally with Work&Track Mobile, exporting your customised reports step-by-step for the most efficient service!

If you have any questions, call us on (+41) 41 560 00 71 o escríbenos a Lo que prefieras. Estaremos encantados de mostrarte como realizar informes de campo con Work&Track Mobile.





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