How do you work with a field service App?

How do you work with a field service App?

Companies that use a Field service app have simplified their daily operations with increased productivity and cost savings.

How have these companies become successful?

Intelligent management of the field work has enabled effective control over the tasks performed. The process automation, creating more dynamic and easily adaptable workflows in the company, has proved to be an effective way to support the mobile activity of coordinators and technicians, overcoming situations of high work demand.

Working with a Field service app is very easy

With Work&Track Mobile, in 5 steps you will get total control over the field service activity, digitizing the way of working, through a easy-to-use web and mobile app that can be download to any device, with direct report to each technician:

  1. Visualize, in real time, the location of the technicians and the interventions or services pending to be carried out. The web platform will help you know which technician have availability at any given moment: what their schedules are, their qualifications or skills, their real-time location, etc.
  2. Assign new services to the closest team members with the right skills for each service automatically. The platform, through the intelligent algorithms of its route optimizer, will minimize travel times and balance the service load of your technicians schedules.
  3. Display the optimization results  to validate it or make the appropriate adjustments to launch a new calculation.
  4. Your technicians will instantly receive on their mobile devices the new services to be performed with the guidebook needed to do their task in order to solve the problem on the first visit and report their field activity in real time.
  5. It’s that easy. You will be able to plan your interventions in just a few clicks.

With Work&Track Mobile your company, regardless of its size, will have a complete platform for process digitization

  • Build your processes and digitize work orders according to the standards and uses of your company. Provide your employees the key information they need at any given time to perform their tasks productively.
  • Plan work and assign tasks easily to all your staff, adjusting work times to obtain optimum performance from your resources and services.
  • Register the activity of your outsourced workers and services. Know their location and send them to the nearest service. React immediately to incidents that occur, maximizing the quality of service with significant cost savings.
  • Provides your team with an effective tool for activity reporting. Analyze the efficiency of the work performed, detect areas for improvement, reduce costs and optimize overall efficiency.

We try to see the business as a whole, providing companies with transparency at all stages of the process, recording the history of activity with accurate information for working as a team. Because working together makes everything easier.

Digital transformation is making it possible to effectively support field service management… choose Work&Track Mobile, as a software and mobile app for all types of field service processes.





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