Field service management for the energy and utility industry

Field service management for the energy and utility industry

During the 2010-2020 decade, the development of new technologies has allowed an increase in the production of clean and sustainable energy. Field Service technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the field of software for companies in the utilities sector (gas, oil, solar, wind energy) being responsible to some extent for the change in the energy model in recent years.

The role of innovation, transforming knowledge into new products and processes that improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the work carried out, has been fundamental when it comes to implementing work methodologies based on Field Service technology within the energy sector.

Field Service Management, understood as the optimized management of the processes carried out by the technicians in the field, continues to help companies to promote the energy model sustainability, digitizing the way of working and optimizing their resources. All of this in the end, is translated into greater productivity, doing more with less effort, related in this case with a lower impact on the ecological cost.

With the use of Field Service software in the energy industry, the productive cycle generates its best results hand ind hand with the mobility technology in the field and within the communication between field technicians, resulting in the efficiency of operations and allowing to detect breakdowns and act remotely to replace supply losses or ensure supply quality.

And also in external communications, a straight through impact to suppliers and customers, since it speeds up technical service visits, reports in real-time and makes a detailed record of the service given, allowing its analysis later on.

With the data analysis is possible to activate a necessary continuous improvement in all the intervening parts of the  production process and energy services supplyment.

How would we apply Field Service in companies in the energy industry?

The answer is simple, with the Field Service software Work&Track Mobile, executing field service tasks and jobs optimally, safely and efficiently in all utilities areas dedicated to electricity, water, gas, solar and oil sectors. Customizing tasks for companies, such as:

  • Network developing and new facilities,
  • Periodical inspections and maintenance works,
  • Technical services for urgent breakdowns and reparations,
  • Network distribution and supervision,
  • Work surveillance,
  • Safety, risks and accidents prevention,
  • Acceptance inspections and periodic audits,
  • Incident management,
  • Domiciliary inspections and after-sales operations,

Being the system capable of coordinating external personnel and contractors duties, with ERP integration capacity with network and asset management systems, intelligently dispatching tasks and services based on geographic areas using quality criteria or optimization criteria. And also, integrate with the client’s GIS systems (including visualization, in all the platform maps, of the client’s distribution networks) and iOT (integration and native modules) for Smart Meter and Smart Grid solutions..

How would it be applied in the technical service during the displaced management?

With Work&Track Mobile, the deployment of periodical inspections and maintenance work can be divided into quarterly periods in terms of workload, maintenance services, resources and routes for each region. Inspection and maintenance orders are assigned to service technicians based on their locations and characteristics.

Tasks for a full week are planned by software and dispatched to the field technicians mobile divices on duty.

The work orders contain all the strategical information for route optimization so that, the field technician guarantees to carry them out optimally, quickly and easily:

  • Location of work to be done,
  • Route from the current location to the workplace,
  • Inspection or maintenance work to be carried out,
  • Planned duration of work to be performed,
  • Location of the next assigned task,

The field technicians on duty have all the necessary information to be able to perform the job and send the report progression until the task is done. Coordination with the Coordination Center is done in real-time:

  • Where is the field technician on duty,
  • How the work is progressing,
  • Incidents if any,
  • The service technician confirms the job is done via his mobile device,
  • And it goes to the next work order assigned by the responsible person.

The platform Work&Track Mobile continuously calculates all the order factors in real-time, so that the Coordination Center manage the work orders, knowing at all times the status of the orders and starting their processing in a digitize way.

Through Work&Track Mobile, Energy and Utility clients have seen their goals met and achieved with significant profits in efficiency and cost optimization. The tasks planning is elaborated with precision, and at the same time, have been made more flexible because, depending on the needs of the facilities, processes and tasks, they can be assigned or removed through a simple “drag and drop” functionality, speeding up procedures and reducing paperwork significantly.





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