Field service farm management software

Field service farm management software

Field service farm management software

The transition to Industry 4.0 is coming to the agricultural sector through digital transformation. The new technological advances developed in the sector play a decisive role in improving the profitability and efficiency of farms and agricultural services. Drone technology, field sensorisation, Artificial Intelligence, IoT, Big Data, Geopositioning, ERPs or Field Service Software for farm management reduce the digital divide to promote the use of data, and boost business development and new business models.

The new European Directives 2030 horizon, promote reforms to achieve increasingly efficient and sustainable results. Investment in new technologies and their application in the farm sector, in support of sustainable precision farming, will continue to generate value in adapting new technological developments to traditional agriculture and help farmers meet the challenges they face.

In this context, mobility, understood as the mobilisation of field processes, plays a key role in the development of farming activities, both in the collection of field information and optimisation of processes, which were previously generated manually and on paper, and in the organisation and planning of task automation. A technological solution adapted to the mobility of agricultural workers to face an increasingly complex and advanced reality.

Field Service technology to improve communications

From a technological point of view, the development of field service software for farm management paves the way for the use of mobile applications to support the processes that take place on the farm. Field service technology contributes to the improvement of processes where communication and task control is required to support agricultural production tasks safely and efficiently:

  • Having real-time information to make decisions on the ground,
  • Simplifying communications between those responsible for farm activity,
  • Work from a single platform with the information collected and updated at all times,
  • Manage access to information by the appropriate user,
  • Digitise paper-based processes, such as filling in daily forms,
  • Control inspection, audit, transport and logistics services.
  • Monitoring preventive maintenance of agricultural equipment,
  • Daily reporting of working time control, simply and efficiently,
  • Generate a more fluid working methodology for each farm activity.

Advantages of a Field service farm management software

Thanks to improved communications and new developments in Field Service mobile applications, progress is being made in the more efficient use of farm resources, facilitating decision-making in farm management and increasing worker productivity to generate value for the end user and guarantee the profitability of production in the short term. Some of the advantages of using Field Service farm management software are:

  • Increased productivity of field technicians, with more farm work being carried out without the need of additional staff.
  • The application of current agricultural regulatory workflows based on customised forms in the field from a mobile application.
  • Monitoring of all logistics and transport in real-time, ensuring that technicians report activity accurately.
  • Automating the allocation of work orders to the most qualified technician at the right time.
  • Scheduling and updating of preventive maintenance of agricultural machinery to avoid problems of use.
  • Analysis of all data captured in the field to optimise operations and assess the reliability of agricultural assets.
  • Customised configuration of checklists and forms to support each technician’s operations. Capture of signatures, photos, and other information in real-time.
  • Organising more complex work teams and the use of mobile applications with built-in chat to provide timely remote support or training.

The benefits of Work&Track Mobile in farm management

With Work&Track Mobile, Field service farm management software, you can benefit from the reduction of costs generated by inefficient management, reducing paperwork and increasing the productivity of your resources.

Whether you are inspecting crops, repairing machinery, managing equipment and distributing the production generated with Work&Track Mobile’s field service management. Facilitating service management for farmers and agricultural businesses in the field helps keep farms healthy and productive.

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