Field Service Management technology to overcome building maintenance challenges

Field Service Management technology to overcome building maintenance challenges

Field Service Management technology has transformed building and service management in recent years. However, there are still many companies that are still unaware of the potential of this technology to service their maintenance services more effectively.

The adaptability of FSM technology can determine the success of a facility management or general services company. As the demands of a business grow, maintaining the same consistency in operations can be a huge challenge.

Overseeing the maintenance of buildings with multiple different services, protocols and regulations is an arduous task for any type of company. Faced with such challenges, Field Service Management technology offers the solution to deal with each service in real time, providing each manager with the ideal tool for effective planning and control of operations.

The Field Service Management Technology de Work&Track Mobile addresses these realities with a practical and straightforward approach based on short-term returns:

  • It performs a complete traceability of each service provided, eliminating administrative staff or the use of paper in this task, obtaining a direct impact on the cost and customer satisfaction.
  • Put your customer at the centre of the service, keeping them informed of who, where, when and how it will be performed, without incurring new costs.
  • Improve productivity by optimizing services, managing incidents in real time or making it easier for your technicians to identify any opportunities while carrying out their interventions.
  • Reduce the cost associated with transport. Another challenge met by Field Service Management technology in building maintenance is the significant cost associated with travel. With an App for service order management and reporting, trips to the office to deliver and receive jobs are unnecessary.
  • Organise your team effectively. In maintenance, the losses of not carrying out preventive maintenance become more evident the longer a problem remains unresolved. Through automatic task planning and route optimisation we can manage to organise a team with agility.
  • Follows audit and inspection procedures faster and more reliably thanks to its increased interactivity and connectivity. Ensures that quality standards are properly implemented.
  • Plan tasks according to priority level. Failure to prioritise tasks can lead to performance and production problems, and incur considerable costs to your company and facilities due to missed deadlines, when more efficient planning would have resulted in higher quality and efficiency with fewer resources used.

Once again, the solution for efficient resource management starts with having the best digital tools to always act on time. Keeping the right people at the right time, according to their responsibilities and availability is easier with Work&Track Mobile.

Now that you know the advantages of Field Service Management for building maintenance, don’t discount the benefits that technology solutions can bring to your general services company.

Consider Work&Track Mobile as the best option to improve field management during facility and equipment maintenance, saving time, money and hassle in the long run.

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