Field Service Management: Optimise time and save costs

Field Service Management: Optimise time and save costs

Field Service Management, technically speaking, we can define it as a set of applications and tools designed to digitalise the processes that take place during the field service activity. The purpose of implementing a Field Service Management system within a company is none other than the optimisation of working time, cost savings and improved productivity.

All the companies where we have implemented our Field Service Management system in their field activity agree that the system has helped them to significantly reduce paperwork, simplify planning and automatic dispatching of tasks with follow-up and monitored control of the technical field staff.

Field Service Management will then seek to optimise time during service provision, saving costs and boosting productivity by using resources more efficiently and effectively. Any work process can be digitised and managed in record time by the company’s own staff without the need to know programming languages through its intuitive interface.

Competitive Field services

One of the main reasons why companies opt for the implementation of our system is its economic profitability. With very few changes, savings can be made from minute one, at no cost to the company. What used to be handled on paper can now be handled in a matter of minutes by scheduling tasks and configuring processes for each activity carried out in the field.

It is undoubtedly the breakthrough that makes it possible to configure business processes according to the workflow of each company.

Stay ahead of the curve to provide excellent service

In the near future, any company providing maintenance, installation, technical service, courier, transport, logistics, construction supervision, auditing or trade services will need a tool to be more competitive, and the way to achieve this will be through optimised management of their field processes.


Five stars review

Easy to use and perfect for coordinating the work of non-stop office workers”.


That is why Work&Track Mobile is ahead of the curve to offer a system to optimise workflows.

The functionalities of our system include:

  • Organisation and dynamic planning of the activity.
  • Geolocation of the nearest and most suitable vehicles and technicians for each job.
  • Dispatching of tasks.
  • Route optimisation.
  • Real-time activity reporting.
  • Mobile app for your field staff: provide your team with up-to-date information for their daily tasks and ensure that all tasks are completed on time.
  • Resource management and optimisation.
  • Access to information, easily and in real time, from all areas involved.
  • Easy to integrate with your existing systems.

More competitive and efficient companies with Work&Track Mobile

Companies that implement Work&Track Mobile as a Field Service Management system will increase the competitiveness of their business services in the following areas:

  • Full traceability of each technician and each job.
  • The time savings in hours that each worker spends on each service. 
  • Mileage reduction and fuel savings with route optimisation.
  • Increased quality of service and increased customer satisfaction.
  • Immediate incident reporting, even offline, and real-time monitoring of the status of each service.
  • More sustainable use of mobile assets, paper saving policy.
  • Data traceability and coordination of preventive maintenance tasks.
  • Visual control of work with graphic documentation: photos, videos, activity logs, forms, etc.
  • Acknowledgement of delivery and confirmation of receipt: digital signature, barcode scanning, QR reader.
  • Digitalisation of processes through dynamic forms customised for the company.

Field Service Management: Intelligent control and monitoring

Work&Track Mobile helps you manage field work by responding to the most demanding needs of each sector and company, intelligently planning services based on location, technical skills of staff, time and resources.

Driver mobility, route planning, communication between mobility staff and the office base, delivery management and working time recording are also part of the evolution of Field Service Management technology solutions. Instantly see where the team is and which drivers are closest to a particular location, to deal with an emergency or a new service.

Its Field Service Management system facilitates the traceability of all activity by knowing where, when and by whom each task is performed while improving quality by keeping the end customer at the centre of the service processes.

For companies with outsourced services, the Field Service Management system will help in the management of field activity with useful tools such as activity reporting, monitoring and GPS tracking of vehicles, mobile assets and field technical staff, task planner or the designer of work processes and forms. The information of each task will be dumped from the workers’ mobile phones to the central system in real time.

Asset monitoring and tracing

Transform your business by optimising process management with monitored control and tracking of your company’s mobile assets. Whatever the size of your company, you will save costs, improve productivity and be more competitive.

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