Field Service Management Software for patient transport

Field Service Management Software for patient transport

Thanks to the Field Service Management Software for non-urgent medical transports, the management, planning and intelligent organization of resources is guaranteed. Customer service technology improves patient care, productivity of all corporate resources and cost savings in the healthcare transportation sector.

A patient transport company has to struggle every day with administrative and mobility problems to ensure the numerous services for the collection and transfer of patients.

Managing workflows and optimizing resources is essential to provide the best care service for people who depend on ambulance transport.

People who need non-urgent medical transport must be provided with fast and efficient care under optimal safety conditions according to the situation and the special needs of each patient.

In this situation, the management of mobility services involves a lot of paperwork and resources that directly affect patient care. The Field Service Management Software is the most effective corporate tool for the driver and vehicle management.

How does a Field Service Management Software for non-urgent patient transport work?

  • Field Service Management software for non-emergency patient transports controls the location and status of ambulances and enables real-time processing of transport requests to the drivers’ mobile devices.
  • Also allows to report patient incidents beyond the pickup and admission of patients.
  • Offers the management of all technical and sanitary documentation for the inspection of vehicles and a complete control of daily operations.
  • Enables a comprehensive overview and close monitoring of the transport service.
  • For the daily planning, the system schedules the pick-ups, calculates the time needed for the transfer and provides patients with information via web services so that they know the position of the ambulance assigned to them.

The Field Service Management, Work&Track Mobile, offers all necessary features in one platform.

What are the advantages of using Work&Track Mobile for patient transportation?

  • Reduces the administrative workload considerably.
  • Reduces the response time in emergencies.
  • Simplifies the daily administration in the office.
  • Significantly improves the utilization of the company’s resources.
  • Facilitates the communication with the field staff during the transport service
  • The patient is placed at the center of the process and kept up to date. He knows the arrival time of the ambulance, knows which driver will make his transport. This reduces waiting times and prevents incidents.
  • Immediate reaction to unpredictable situations by sending the patient’s medical history to the doctor’s mobile device.
  • Improves driver and vehicle productivity by optimizing planned routes.
  • Manages incidents in real time, making it easy to receive any urgency immediately, without phone calls and with the exact destination information.
  • Drivers of non-urgent medical transports will know exactly where and when they need to provide transport services thanks to automated shift planning.
  • The status and the maintenance condition of the vehicles is currently displayed. This allows to know if the mechanical condition of the ambulances is optimal for the next operation.

Why does Field Service Management exist for patient transports?

Thanks to a digital tool that integrates planning, organization and process management, we obtain a correct management of resources and the immediate transmission of information to all company employees.

In addition, software with mobile reporting speeds up processes and makes it possible to shorten response times in emergencies and improve the service in critical situations.

How did the Work&Track Mobile platform help with medical transport during the Covid 19 crisis?

During the Covid 19 crisis, the Work&Track platform was adapted to improve the processes of planning and organizing the collection of corona virus tests from patients with corona virus symptoms at home, reducing infection and crowding in the collapsed public health system.

The functionalities, which were integrated in record time, improved the capacity of the vehicle fleet to enable the collection of tests efficiently in the target areas.

By implementing the system, resources are efficiently allocated during the sampling process by each unit, providing complete field information to the team of professionals who perform the work.

It currently enables the efficient and safe transfer of tests processed by health professionals.

The Work&Track Mobile system, supported by the Work&Track Fleet GPS management system, is the most effective tool for real-time control of patient transport operations and provides a complete overview of the transport service.





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