Field Service Management Software (FSM)

Field Service Management Software (FSM)

Field Service Management Software (FSM), is the integration of a range of technological solutions designed for companies with field service employees or those working outside the office (installers, maintenance technicians, inspectors, drivers, delivery personnel, etc.).

With a FSM software, all business processes and tasks that make up a company’s field service activities are collected according to the usual workflow and carried out autonomously, easily and efficiently by the company’s field staff.

All companies that are digitizing their way of working agree that this significantly reduces paperwork and simplifies the process of assigning, developing processes and tasks by company employees. They will always know what, where, how, for whom and when a job needs to be done.

Field Service Management is designed to optimize time, save processing and planning costs and to increase productivity. And to recognize how the utilization of resources is always optimal. As a result, the company will have more satisfied customers and more efficient field staff.

And not only that, the introduction of a Field Service Management software does not change the way the company works. It is a simple and economical solution that will enable the company to digitize all processes and tasks it performs.

In an environment as competitive as the current one, managing business processes as flexibly as possible and improving the company’s communication with its customers, field staff and suppliers makes this solution the most effective tool for being competitive in any field of activity.

Under the umbrella of digitization and continuous improvement, the company will become more efficient with the study and analysis of the data provided by the Field Service Tool with each service it offers, always ensuring business continuity and correct decision making with data from its own data sources.

For what kind of companies is an FSM software suitable?

An FSM software is ideal to meet the needs of service companies that perform maintenance, installation and technical services, messenger, transport and logistics operations in any of the following areas:

  • Energy and utilities: oil, electricity, wind power, gas and water, traditionally the energy and utility companies, which in the past were the main users of field service software for managing technical service staff. Maximizing the productive use of field and plant resources, optimizing working hours or increasing customer satisfaction, comprehensive management of service requirements are key factors for the sector.
  • Logistics and transport: all transport companies face the same challenges every day. On the one hand, the high degree of subcontracting, which presents a challenge in controlling and optimizing their processes. And on the other hand, its critical nature in terms of the operational impact on its customers. These difficulties lead to an enormous demand in the provision of services.
  • Facility management: security, maintenance, cleaning, insect control, environment, caretaker services. The services sector, with technology as a key factor, is undergoing a major development based on offering customers a comprehensive range of services. To reduce costs in an increasingly competitive market and to maintain profitability by offering added value. Doing more with less is the approach of a sector that cannot compete with the costs or the growing expectations of its customers without the right tools.
  • Asset and infrastructure management: preventive and corrective maintenance processes in the management of assets and other capital goods are key to avoiding unnecessary downtime or depreciation. Ensuring that the right people are assigned to each task at the right time, a comprehensive control of each intervention or the systematic and procedural handling of incidents are the daily routine of professionals in this sector.
  • Retail and commerce: consumer habits have changed dramatically in a very short time. Over time, the quality and level of service is shifting to price as a purchasing criterion, evaluating aspects such as home service, return options or the speed of response to a problem or incident.
  • Technical support services: metalworkers, technical maintenance, heating maintenance, electricians, air conditioning installers, alarm system installers, repair of household appliances The demand for technical auxiliary services of all kinds has grown exponentially in recent years. Increasingly, consumers are choosing businesses for their ability to adapt to their needs and home care is one of the most valued aspects.
  • Other sectors: IT technicians, service providers, reprographics, supplies, patient transport, distribution of medicines, roadside assistance, home help, expert reports, emergency team management, environment, waste collection, winter maintenance, gardening, cleaning, laundry.

Regardless of the size of your company, FSM software provides you with a complete, state-of-the-art service management platform. The software is extremely scalable and an ideal tool for growing or expanding companies.

Functionalities of a Field Service Management Software

Among the functionalities the following are remarkable:

  • Organization and dynamic planning of the activity.
  • Geolocation of vehicles and technicians most suitable and closest to the execution of each activity.
  • Completion of tasks.
  • Optimization of the route.
  • Real-time activity report.
  • Mobile application for your field staff: Provides your team with up-to-date information for their daily tasks and ensures that all tasks are completed on time.
  • Resource management and resource optimization.
  • Access to information, easily and in real time, from all areas involved.
  • Easy integration into your current system environment.

Do I really need a Field Service Management Software?


  • The main activity (core business) of your company are field services.
  • The processes of your company need to be optimized.
  • More than 5 employees working outside the office.
  • You need to optimize the use of your resources.
  • You need to improve the quality of the services you provide to your customers.
  • You have an ERP or CRM that lacks mobility.
  • The company’s activity is still processed on paper.

Advantages of a Field Service Management Software

Companies that implement a Field Service Management app see key benefits for their business, such as:

  • Achieve full traceability of the service.
  • Increasing the efficiency of your field staff.
  • Reduced costs for fuel, hardware and time.
  • Improved quality of service and increased customer satisfaction, as you can offer your customers a faster and more effective service.
  • Makes it easier for technicians to access their service points without having to go to the office.
  • Reduces on-site incidents.
  • Saving resources.
  • Coordinated activities to avoid setbacks and anticipate future maintenance work.
  • Have graphic material such as photos, documents, videos and signatures included in the activity report.
  • Receive alarms for values outside the permitted range.
  • Management of corrective actions.
  • Acceleration of invoicing.

A new platform for intelligent service management

The new field service management software, which helps to manage the field work, meets the most demanding needs of any company in terms of field service management, regardless of the sector of activity.

It enables intelligent planning of services based on location, technical capabilities, time constraints and other parameters. It is powerful and easy to use thanks to technologies such as “drag and drop” to move tasks, change schedules or plan services together. It is accessible from all devices, even offline, for service reporting without Internet access.

Regardless of the size of your business, you will save costs, improve productivity and be more competitive in your sector.





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