Field Service Software for Airport Services

Field Service Software for Airport Services

The Work&Track Mobile system provides field service technicians the most advanced Field Service Management Software for airport services operations.

The platform allows asset control (periodic maintenance) and real-time management of operations (with planning, dispatching and reporting) with a complete tool for the effective control of technical field services at airports.

The way to reduce paperwork, unnecessary journeys and improve resource optimization adapted to airport field operations:

Logistics of liquid products

With Work&Track Mobile automates the management of maintenance, control and management tasks in on-board fuelling, including the processing of different control and safety parameters of vehicles and tanks:


Refueling Operation Management

The system provides the necessary elements for monitoring the various procedures established for the management, safety and control of refuelling.

Field staff will be able to monitor the status of the vehicle sensorizations and use them in the management application, warning if any anomalous element is detected, issuing delivery notes, making reports or controlling the status of different elements related to the tanker truck or its activity.

Vehicle monitoring status

Through the telematics system, the different vehicles will be able to monitor the status of their components, in order to control and automate safety improvement processes.

Parameters inherent to the vehicle itself can be controlled through its CAN BUS, such as the activation of the handbrake, the truck’s revolutions, speed or fuel consumption, etc…

And also monitor different digital or analog signals, depending on sensors or electrical connections of the vehicle.

Interoperability, real-time and mobility

One of the most important advantages of the system is its interoperability of the different elements, likewise, the information status of the different trucks and the information managed by the mobility systems must be able to communicate bidirectionally and in real-time with a central server. This communication makes the truck’s signal reading safe and reliable, with full mobility and the ability to read the on-board fuel supply.

How is refueling cycle performed with Work&Track Mobile?

  1. The aircraft makes a supply request.
  2. The request is sent to the mobile App.
  3. During refueling, the mobile App registers, through the flowmeter signal, the volume of fuel being supplied to the aircraft.
  4. At the end of refueling, it prints out a ticket.
  5. Sending the information to the central server for invoicing.

The Technical solution

The system has two functional units:

  • The management application on Tablet PC (with printing and RFID card reading).
  • Vehicle infrastructure capable of reading operating parameters.

This architecture meets two fundamental requirements:

  • To provide safety and reliability to the truck’s signal reading.
  • To provide the Tablet PC with full mobility, independence in management processes and the ability to read vehicle sensorizations.

The Architecture

Tablet PC

  • Runs the management application.
  • Prints and identifies the user (RFID).
  • Communicates via 3G.
  • Receive status (BTHS, Cable, 3G).


  • GPS tracking.
  • Digital and analog signals connection.
  • Connection to the VEGA flowmeter.
  • It will connect via cable or BTH to the Tablet.
  • It will connect via Bluetooth with the Tablet.
  • CAN BUS reading.
  • Expansion capability.


  • Real-time status reception.
  • Methods of on-line consultation of the state.
  • Web interface for consultation and configuration.

The Management system

The Management system refers to the evolution to be carried out for the Integrated Aviation Management System, as well as to the infrastructure necessary for its execution.

  • OFF-LINE COMMUNICATIONS: the application can operate as usual without direct connection to the server.
  • DATA MANAGEMENT: use of free distribution MySQL local DATA BASE and encryption to improve security.
  • APPLICATION UPDATE: automatic updates with new versions or functional changes.
  • GPS POSITIONING: Work&Track Mobile positioning library (developed by NEO), with GNU license, will manage the GPS of the Tablet obtaining periodic positions.

Field Service Software for Airport Services Work&Track Mobile


Optimize control of activities

  • Digitization is the key to reducing waiting times and offering 100% efficient service.
  • Significantly reduces paperwork and simplifies daily service tasks.
  • Develops preventive, proactive and corrective maintenance plans and optimizes asset control.
  • Significant cost savings in maintenance operations.

Communicate service orders in real-time

  • The dispatching of work orders is communicated quickly and efficiently to the field technician’s own mobile terminal.
  • Each technician will be able to quickly resolve the messages, optimizing response times.
  • The notification will be assigned to the appropriate technician on duty, converting the current notification into a completed work order.
  • Eliminating unnecessary paperwork and journeys.

Scheduling the activity

Organizing a team that works outside the office is a task that can take a lot of time and perseverance to be optimal.

  • Know the working hours and shifts of each of your employees.
  • Register the days off or sick leave of the entire team.
  • Plan the hours of unavailability due to other tasks.
  • Know which tasks are most essential, and it will help you to optimize resources.

Work control

With Work&Track Mobile you will be able to know the position, via GPS, of all field technicians in operation, and you will know, at a glance, the status of their task, in progress, when they are performing it, as well as the incidents or if he has not been able to finish.

  • The status of the tasks assigned to each worker where they are located.
  • The location of the staff.
  • The exact time and place of the start and end of the operation.
  • Field staff working day records in accordance with the regulations.

Analyze and create service reports

Define the activity indicators you really need and use the data from your forms to analyze true performance, detect points for improvement and optimize the overall efficiency of your incident management.

  • Send reports in PDF, Excel, HTML format.
  • Digitize the control of the day through our App.
  • Optimizes and improves maintenance and control processes.

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