Field Service Software for rental and rental services

Field Service Software for rental and rental services

Rental and Rental Service Business for SMBs – from trailer rental to sanitary systems rental service!

Renting and using good service instead of owning is becoming increasingly important in business life as well. Specialized SMBs (Small and Medium Business) that offer such services need efficient software that can be adapted to your needs, which also serves to localize the equipment and service teams in the field. More and more often it is necessary to involve the customer directly. Work&Track Mobile offers Field Service software (FSM) for rental and rental services purposes.

Rental and rental services are becoming increasingly important across many industries. For the supplier, suitable software is essential to ensure trailer rental, car rental, construction machinery rental, boat rental, equipment rental, machine rental, motorcycle rental, van rental, motorhome rental, tool rental or sanitary systems rental services in a professional and time-saving manner.

In the modern start-up world one speaks of “Sharing Economy”, but classically SMBs, family businesses or cooperatives in agriculture act as providers of rental and rental services. These often work with a lean and pragmatic organization, use classic planning boards, use Excel as a database and employ paper-based processes (delivery notes, manual work reports, etc.). At the same time, they are confronted with daily increasing customer needs: short-term provision and corresponding scheduling, regular maintenance services and mandatory repairs on site, postponement and transport necessity.

The need to know “what, where” and “who, where, when, what next and what is already done” is increasing!. Administrative tasks are becoming more complex, the requirements for overview and coordination are increasing. Correspondingly, the fixed costs “explode”.

With the easy-to-use software platform Work&Track Mobile, with a mobile app for field staff and GPS trackers (for locating mobile equipment), a modern solution can be implemented quickly and cost-effectively for rental and hire services!.

Field Management Software (FSM) for efficient management of employees and equipment with a mobile app

  1. With Work&Track Mobile, employees and equipment are managed and scheduled, employees are assigned via smartphone, equipment is tracked and employees are guided, and real-time/online work reports are received via mobile by employees.
  2. The coordinator / dispatcher has an overview at all times and can keep customers well informed.
  3. You can expect less time consuming internal phone calls.
  4. Also fast invoicing with very accurate service accounting, is possible.

Every SMB, family business or cooperative with a rental or hire service can use Work&Track Mobile. The benefits are already clearly noticeable from just a few employees. Work&Track Mobile can be used across all industries:

  • Adapt the software individually to your business processes (possible thanks to workflow concept).
  • Manage your employees and also the equipment directly in the system
  • Use the Work&Track Mobile software on its own or import and export data to your own software applications (e.g. invoicing program).
  • Let employees use their familiar smartphones (iPhone, Android) for collaboration.
  • Use trackers (with/without battery) for tracking equipment (e.g. boats, trailers, transporters).
  • Optionally integrate the customer into the process via a specific mobile app (UBERization, as in UBER Bringing together service provider and customer).
  • Use a secure cloud solution, without installation, with data accessible everywhere.
  • Better customer service and cost savings with Work&Track Mobile.

As a rental company and rental service provider you can reach:

  • Your disposition employees plan their deployment with intelligent software, create the most efficient tour plan at the push of a button, change the deployment plan if necessary and control employees according to priority – less stress thanks to a better overview.
  • Your employees in the field (drivers, service staff) are more effective and efficient in their work, a clear task plan on the smartphone guides them from assignment to assignment, of course with a navigation system – a reduction in travel times (unproductive time), reduction in travel costs (fuel) will be significantly noticeable for you.
  • Processes such as initial delivery, postponement, pickup and of course service intervals are supported, less unnecessary repetitive scheduling work is required.
  • The report entry by the employees in the field is done directly on the smartphone, a significant relief in administration is the result. Fewer errors have to be corrected and the accounts can be created on a daily basis.
  • Online damage reporting by employees with photo documentation directly to the company, a simple assessment, quick decisions and potentially lower downtime costs are the result.
  • Equipment can be localized by tracking, quicker to find, less theft and less trouble for you.
  • Customers will be delighted with the reliability, satisfied customers are loyal and additional business comes automatically.
  • Integration of the customer into the process, e.g. via tracking number on website or special mobile app for orders, lower internal costs, more business and up-to-date communication with the customer make you ready for the future.
  • The utilization of your equipment will be better. Maintenance and service cycles can finally be adapted to the operating time, maximum use and optimization of the equipment fleet is possible!

Follow the trend as a Small and Medium Business, family business or cooperative, you too can use modern tools like Work&Track Mobile. Save time and money.





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