Field services solutions for SMEs

Field services solutions for SMEs

How to upgrade SMEs field service management?

Changing and upgrading SME’s field service management into a field service software solution in maintenance or delivery services, is key for carrying out work orders successfully and providing fast and efficient customer care.

To get ready to the current wave of digital transformations, Work&Track Mobile has developed an efficient field service solution for SMEs, to work in real-time and monitor with precision the field service employees on duty. 

Upgrading the employee management can be achieved through a proper business process strategy with a field service solution. To improve business process effectiveness starts with the digitization of the field service activity, that can help SMEs to establish improved collaboration between managers, coordinators and the technical team during their visits.

To digitize, configure, optimize, analyze… are very common verbs in work environments, and something that a field service solution can do with just one tool, offering a better approach to the customers.

A field service tool to improve customer satisfaction

Communication between the members of a team during their field service stuff have had an impact on SME´s customer service. To adapt to the specific needs of schedules, service characteristics, after-sales service, etc, the use of a field service application have guaranteed better results in customer satisfaction and therefore, have been generating a more productive and intelligent way of management.

The brand image improvements are possible when a field service tool is working on. For example, in terms of customer waits, a field service tool can optimize routes and for instance, the amount of time it will take the technical services to make a journey and letting the customer know when they will arrive. That is priceless!.

When the SMEs decide to mix customer service with field service and place the customer at the centre of the activity, it will guarantee a proper beggining of a customer loyalty programme. And as well, it will improve remarkedly all the processes made in the company, which are related to customer satisfaction.

How to coordinate work orders with a mobile app?

With the App of Work&Track Mobile ( you can manage all the working orders at the same time, with its intuitive and easy-to-use interface that help companies get a clear overview of all the field activity, without an expensive tailor-made software development and with ease integration in others ERP systems.

In addition, our mobile app will allow SMEs to manage their technical operations, like:

  • Work reports,
  • The gathering of field data and other indicators that make value to clients. Photos, documents and videos if necessary.
  • Communications with staff, including external outsourcing partners.
  • Work shifts.
  • Control of presence in displaced employees, with alerts in case of any event happens.
  • Client report of activity status.
  • Communication between the team through an integrated chat.
  • Route optimizer to improve routes and time response.
  • Fleet management to save up to 30% on fuel and manage digital tachograph.

It is a very tactical product considered very useful for a SME pursuing an upgrade of business with an effective digitization.

In this sense, when implementing a field service software in SME, the team managers will be able to evaluate the needs of each work order efficiently, in order to send the right answer to the technician on duty and above all, improve management with implications in customer service.

What are the SME advantages with a field service system?

The advantages of using a field service software can also be operational. It can be implemented in a very small period of time, without changing procedures, and later if it is appropriate, extend the model to other areas. The economical risks is low and the success is met in the process of digital transformation.

In many companies, field service management is now being an essential tool for digital transformations, where tasks are digitized and automated, giving confidence to grow, taking care of the implementation process in the value chain.

How will Work&Track Mobile enable SMEs to improve their business?

The improvement is instantaneous!, since the start of the implementation, the workflow software with its mobile app can organize the technical team during their mobility. Wherever they are, in real time and without internet connection, mobilizing the SMEs way of working through business process management.

Its adaptability to any type of activity makes Work&Track Mobile the most effective tool to reduce paperwork, increase business productivity and enhance cost control management.





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