Simplifies fieldwork management with digital forms

Simplifies fieldwork management with digital forms

Digitise field employees mobility

Improving the efficiency and communication of the field team is one of the main challenges faced by companies with outsourced services. The use of digital forms dealing with service in the field becomes an easier task. The digital forms app with mobile reporting for the fieldwork management is the perfect tool that the fieldworker needs to perform its service.

Today, we deal with a large amount of paper-based information during services, which, with the displaced activity of employees more difficult to deal with. That’s why digital forms for the fieldwork, packed with advanced functions, save time and facilitate employees communication throughout an organisation’s value chain. 

The versatility of digital forms technology applies to a wide variety of processes and tasks. Advances in technology have made it possible to digitise documents in general, including digital interaction elements widely used in technical services, such as digital signatures, intelligent scanning, barcode reading, file uploading, document export, invoice sending, NFC readings, improving service provision, interaction with customers and communication between employees.

In addition, to simplify the digital information exchange processes of workers on the move, they also support the activity during its development, indicating what they have to do, where, how and when. With Work&Track Mobile’s bespoke digital forms app, coordinating all company displaced activity becomes an automated task.

Communicates work effectively

The forms linked to the work processes will indicate to the employee the tasks to be performed, organized by order, while the employee will report the relevant information from the mobile to the office, instantly and in real time.

Thanks to the offline function, data can be collected at the location without the need for an internet connection. In offline mode, data will be saved locally and sent to the database once the device is connected to an internet connection.

No programming knowledge is required. The integrated form designer in Work&Track Mobile makes it possible to add or remove elements by dragging selectors to the list, thanks to the drag-and-drop technology, in an easy and intuitive way collecting the data you need, always in the same conditions and the same format.

What can I do with the Work&Track Mobile app?

With Work&Track Mobile’s digital form designer it is possible to include data such as:

  • Date, email, addresses, customer signature, route data, text fields…
  • Reader for QR codes, smart scanning, barcodes or NFC tags.
  • Generate forms with dynamic responses.
  • Capture images from a mobile device and attach files to activity reports.
  • Automatically detect geographic position and indicate GPS data or direction in your reports during the route.
  • Offer complete lists of options, from which the user who fills in the digital form in the field can choose his or her answer. These lists may contain additional elements that allow you to automatically fill in several fields of your digital form at the same time.
  • Create tables to enter series of information and set up automatic calculations.
  • Set up mandatory fields to ensure essential tasks and information is gathered.
  • Send activity reports in a customizable Excel, html or pdf document and communication through an integrated chat.

Technology is advancing fast in the field of digital forms, Work&Track Mobile’s dynamic form designer improves the creation of fields, adjusting to the particularities of the company’s field activities, making it possible to hide, show, activate, deactivate, make a field of a form obligatory or not obligatory, depending on whether or not conditions relating to other fields of that form are completed.

Dynamic forms bring advantages in the creation of digital forms, especially when displaying data, when there are several answers to a form or a quick alphabetical searches, saving filters or transferring values between forms in a given process.

Save time by filling in and collecting data digitally with Work&Track Mobile fieldwork reporting forms app, following step-by-step instructions for a good service!.





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