Work&Track Mobile FSM and Fleet Platform

Work&Track Mobile FSM and Fleet Platform

Dispatch vehicles and workforce in one step

Efficient scheduling of orders with the involvement of suitable technicians together with the corresponding vehicle is a challenge. With the Work&Track Mobile FSM and Fleet platform, this can be highly automated and transparently achieved.

Who does not know it – the planning board, where the scheduler manually enters the service, maintenance or delivery orders due in the near future on a daily basis. Apparently with great foresight, activities are planned. Only the insiders can interpret the color-coded symbolic on the planning board of people and suitable vehicles. The dispatcher spends a lot of time on this every day, and due to the complexity of the task, important elements cannot be taken into account properly on a regular basis. Every postponement of an order or, for example, the service or a breakdown of a vehicle presents the dispatcher with problems that cannot be solved easily.

With the Work&Track Mobile FSM and Fleet platform, planning time is reduced to a few minutes and the error rate to a minimum. On the basis of real-time data, scheduling can be automatically optimized on an ongoing basis. All persons involved in the order have an insight into the order status – so the customer can be kept informed at all times. The dispatcher takes care of the essentials – the platform automatically adopts the latest information and implements it optimally.

A Field Service Management Software for the field staff, service technicians, vehicle drivers with the corresponding vehicles

Work&Track Mobile offers a unique platform that combines resources based on predefined parameters. Thanks to continuous feedback in real time from the field (e.g. when an activity is completed), the best available “resource-vehicle combination” is immediately re-optimized and used for the next job based on the latest information.

Platform Field Service Management and Fleet Service

The Work&Track platform also supports the important interfaces to ERP or CRM systems (e.g. Microsoft Dynamics, SAP, Salesforce or other industry-specific systems).

To do this, Work&Track Mobile combines the technologies of field service management with those of fleet management, which makes it much more efficient and cost-saving for.

The implementation can be done step by step. The workflow concept makes it possible to set up the entire system with little effort, based on parameterization options.

Demanding work processes with resources and vehicles can now be easily managed

Work&Track Mobile has been in the market for many years and has acquired extensive expertise in real time field service and fleet management use cases. More than 200 customers are currently managed live via the powerful Work&Track platform.





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