How to optimize technical field service routes?

How to optimize technical field service routes?

Have you ever asked yourself this question? If you are a professional, dedicated to technical field services or industrial maintenance and manage a large number of services, you may have asked yourself more than once how to optimize technical field service routes to save costs.

The road is part of your day-to-day activities and planning and optimizing your routes is essential to providing a correct and efficient service.

Moving from manual planning to fully optimized planning can be scary. It means changing the way things have always been done and you may not know where to start. Fortunately, digital technology has been put on your side to make things easier for you.

Field Service Management (FSM) tools such as Work&Track Mobile help you, very simply and economically, to plan and allocate a large number of field services or activities every day to your field service technicians by optimizing their routes intelligently.

Working with this platform will be very easy

  1. It visualizes, in real time, the location of the technicians and the interventions or services to be carried out. The web platform will help you know which staff you can count on at any given time: what their schedules are, what qualifications or skills they have, their location in real time, etc.
  2. Assign the new field services to the closest team members with the right skills for each service automatically. The platform, through the intelligent algorithms of its route optimizer will minimize travel times and balance the work load of your technicians’ schedules.
  3. View the result of the optimization to validate it or make the appropriate adjustments to launch a new calculation.
  4. Your technicians will instantly receive on their mobile devices the new services work to be carried out with the plans or technical instructions necessary to carry out their task with the aim of solving the problem on the first visit and reporting their field service activity in real time.
  5. It’s that easy. You will be able to plan your work load in just a few clicks.

Benefits of route optimization

  • You save on travel costs. If your routes are optimized, your field service staff will travel fewer kilometers and therefore consume less fuel. Proper route management will help you reduce travel costs by up to 30%.
  • You save on working time. Manual route planning takes a lot of time and trouble for the people responsible for planning manually the routes and those who have to carry them out. With Work&Track Mobile’s route optimization you can automate this process. Plus, with smarter routes your technicians won’t waste time on the road.
  • Your customers will be more satisfied. If you optimize your routes you will improve your service ratio on time. In addition, smart routes will consider the special requests of each of your customers.
  • Better fleet management. Thanks to route optimization you will avoid using more vehicles than necessary. And you can decide to reduce your fleet if you consider it necessary.
  • You will be able to attend to more services. By reducing the travel time to each service, it will be possible to achieve more services every day. By optimizing the routes, you will be able to calculate how many services each technician can perform daily.

Go one step further in the professionalization of your technical field services company by planning the routes.

How can I implement it in my business?

Would you like to try it? Today you can optimize your work routes and leave aside the headaches. Get your free demo here and start saving time and money now.





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