How to digitise SME processes effectively

How to digitise SME processes effectively

Digitising processes in SMEs can be a challenge for traditional business models. However, there are tools that can digitally transform these businesses to improve business productivity. Process digitisation technology is proving to be the most effective real competitive factor in driving growth because of its economic viability in terms of cost savings and productivity.

One of the main lines of action of Work&Track Mobile aimed at SMEs is to offer solutions to digitalise their business processes, particularly those related to the planning of tasks, the location and control of employees during their activity on the move or the management of services by optimising routes.

Digitally transforming an SME is easy

We are at a time when digital transformation is being integrated into all sectors, creating new activities, processes and methodologies, to which we all have to adapt. This change does not mean that SMEs have to put aside their previous work methodology, nothing could be further from the truth. It means adapting and performing the same tasks in a simpler and more efficient way in digital:

Some of the benefits that Work&Track Mobile brings to the digitisation process of an SME are:

  • Transparency at all stages of the process.
  • Increased administrative control.
  • Increased productivity.
  • Cost reduction.
  • Automation of processes and generation of evidence.
  • More dynamic workflows.
  • Continuous process improvement.
  • Better decision making and vision of the business as a whole.

In this way, total transparency is achieved in all the processes generated, increasing the response capacity, adapting the SME to the new, more competitive and complex business environment, flexibly reinforcing those processes that were previously poorly controlled outside the office through the mobilisation of processes.

This continuous improvement of processes considerably reduces errors and saves time. The new challenges that an SME faces can be mastered in a structured way with a business process management system tailored to its business activity.

How to streamline your SME’s flow with process management technology

With the process designer you can easily define your company’s business processes by associating them with intelligent digital forms. Through them, your mobile team will be able to report their activity instantly and in real time.

Its intuitive and easy-to-use interface allows:

  • Model the process as you have it in mind.
  • Indicate the order in which each task should be performed through a simple editor.
  • Use triggers to skip unnecessary steps.
  • Set deadlines.
  • Create conditions.
  • Designing complex workflows.
  • No coding required. You can create your own application without coding knowledge.
  • Drag and drop. With an intuitive interface, it’s easy to create your own reporting app.
Digitisation of processes for SMEs
Digitisation of processes for SMEs

Effectively communicate service orders

Business processes are at the heart of every SME. Only if they function well can a company be successful in the long term and maintain its goals. Business process management is the basis for optimising processes on a regular basis and leading companies to full automation and digitisation.

Mobile workers need to know at all times what they have to do, where, how and when. With Work&Track Mobile’s customised digital forms you can coordinate, according to your needs, all the company’s activities: dispatching work orders, collecting activity reports, anomalies, on-screen signatures, reading codes, uploading files, etc.

The form designer, integrated in Work&Track Mobile, allows you to add or remove elements by dragging selectors to the list, thanks to drag-and-drop technology, in an easy and intuitive way to collect the data you need, always in the same conditions and the same format.

No programming skills are required.

The forms, linked to the work processes, will indicate to the employee the tasks to be performed, in the correct order, while reporting the necessary information to the workplace, instantly and in real time.

Design of forms for the digitisation of processes
Design of forms for the digitisation of processes

We know that digitising the processes of an SME is a key process in the evolution of your company that requires your full attention. 

Our team is at your disposal to help you at all times. We will ensure that your processes become more dynamic right from the start and that you make the most of their potential.

Call us on +41 41 560 00 71 or write to Whichever you prefer. But don’t hesitate to ask us.





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