How to optimise technical intervention management?

How to optimise technical intervention management?

How to optimise technical intervention management?

Regardless of the sector of activity (energy and utilities, technical assistance services, transport and logistics, construction, facilities, telecommunications, agriculture, retail, healthcare, pharmaceuticals, etc.) and the type of technical intervention carried out (installations, preventive maintenance, quality controls and audits, work supervisions, machinery repair, goods distribution, last mile delivery, office cleaning, etc.), computer-assisted technical intervention management will optimise the processes and tasks carried out in the field in real time, by means of:

  • Construction of master processes and forms that are part of the intervention, its tasks, equipment, protocols, files, elements and components through software.
  • Planned dispatching of work orders to each technician that the coordinator schedules and the system establishes as available and best positioned.
  • Personalised and secure access to information in the cloud with user management.
  • Monitored control of technical interventions, intelligent recording of historical data, allocation of timelines and short, medium and long-term scheduling.
  • Analysis of performance indicators to make adjustments to periodic and inefficient maintenance and repair processes.
Automated process management
Automated process and task management

What are the advantages of automated management?

The key processes of maintenance, repair or supervision teams are monitored in detail, optimising the execution of field operations, in a bid for efficiency vis-à-vis customers and suppliers, productivity and cost savings. The main advantages of the automation of technical intervention management has addressed tasks previously performed by hand to optimise processes and tasks, such as:

  • Planning and monitoring of technical service, vehicles, mobile equipment.
  • Direct dispatching of tasks to the mobile of the field technician in displaced services.
  • Route optimisation and fuel and fleet savings.
  • Direct sending of service estimates and digital signature of invoices.
  • Creation and sending of registration, supervision, inspection, certificate and maintenance reports.
  • Digital forms for the resolution of specific preventive maintenance and repair processes.
  • Management of company timetables directly from each technician’s mobile terminal.
  • Integrated technical support and chat for complex remote processes.
  • Digital archiving of orders in the cloud.
  • Recording of interventions by means of photo, video or other digital document.
  • Automatic reporting of activity performed or received to customers and suppliers.
  • Integration with management systems such as ERP, CRM, invoicing programme, etc.

The platform for the automated management of technical interventions Work&Track Mobile will allow you to organise your team wherever they are, in real time, designing your own tailor-made processes, planning each day, adjusting work and travel times to obtain optimum performance from your resources.





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