Increase retail sales with Rackjobbing Software

Increase retail sales with Rackjobbing Software

Increase retail sales of commissionable products with more efficient use of the Rackjobber

Work&Track Mobile has recently gained additional customers in the field of retail services in Switzerland, which are dedicated to the distribution of products on consignment in stores. The new customers have launched Work&Track Mobile as an optimal rackjobbing software solution to optimize the work of the service team.

A rackjobbing software will enable them to reduce planning and administration costs and at the same time, achieve higher sales at the point of sale through optimal and much more efficient service.

As an alternative to the more and more popular online business, popular locations are increasingly interested in “business on commission”. Merchants accept goods for sale on commission. Instead of buying the goods and then reselling them, they take over the goods free of charge and receive a commission for them when they sell them.

Therefore, the risk remains mostly on the provider. For the model to be successful, the supplier must take an active role in maintaining the racks. If the point of sale is not “maintained”, then sales will not be maximized and, in the final analysis, the supplier will remain stuck with the product. To ensure the maintenance of the racks, the vendor uses the “rack jobbers” in the field service.

In Work&Track Mobile we are specialized in Field Service Management (FSM). Vendors who supply products for the business on a commission basis and distribute them through distributors use it to optimally deploy employees (rack jobbers) in the field service. Work&Track Mobile consists in a platform and a mobile application (for IOS/Android) for tablet or smartphones, which the rack jobber uses as work tools.

Advantages of Field Service Management in the retail comission business with Work&Track Mobile

The First advantage

  • Previously: The rack jobber was free to prepare the weekly routes to the stores. He prepares his route according to his best knowledge and belief.
  • New: The Work&Track system specifies which sales locations are visited at what time. The system takes into account the opening hours of the sales location, travel routes/travel times, maximum working hours, frequency of visits due to the size of the location, etc.
  • Expectations: Work&Track automatically optimizes travel times (less time on the road), reduces fuel consumption (fewer kilometers) and consequently, makes it possible to increase the number of sales outlets visited.

The Second advantage

  • Previously: Item exchanges were recorded manually on lists. This was associated with data recording errors, etc.
  • New: Via the mobile application on the tablet / smartphone, changes in quantities are immediately recorded on site and reported directly to the head office, which can then use the data for further processing. An article scanner is used and if the location does not allow an online connection, the data can be entered offline.
  • Expectation: Elimination of time-consuming paper processes, reduction of data errors and incorrect deliveries. And a modern and up-to-date tool is granted to the shop.

The Third advantage

  • Previously: The customer service or layout called the field service to find out where they were and to give them verbal instructions.
  • New: Thanks to live tracking, the coordinator at the supplier’s site knows the current location at all times and can thus provide optimal information and give new instructions to the field service.
  • Expectation: Work&Track increases customer satisfaction and reduces call center workload. 

The Fourth advantage

  • Previously: A lot of administration time is needed by the field team manager for preparation of the day and cost accounting.
  • New: The Work&Track system creates the work schedule automatically and if a customer cannot be visited, it is automatically updated. Mileage and working hours are accounted for automatically and expenses are accounted for daily with receipt entries (photo).
  • Expectation: Thanks to Work&Track, the working time is used for the maintenance of the racks in the stores.

The Fifth advantage

  • Work&Track is an ideal complement to existing ERP systems. It can be implemented in a few.

Success in the commission trade, which means more sales, is maximized if the points of sale are visited at the right frequency and rack maintenance is optimized. You have to make sure that the racks are always full of suitable items, that slow moving items are regularly removed and that data is always available, then you maximize sales.





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