3 systems to improve Last Mile management

3 systems to improve Last Mile management

Work&Track Mobile is the only platform with three mobility systems for the comprehensive and optimized management of the last mile delivery. Offering a top quality service with the advantages of a route optimizer, all the functionalities of a Field Service software, and a fleet management system, all together form the Work&Track platform the most effective tool for last mile delivery management.

A TMS with route optimization: always on-time delivery

Work&Track Mobile has an optimizer that defines the best route to reach the loading and unloading points on time.

The system determines the time of arrival at each point and helps to allocate routes to vehicles and drivers in the most efficient way.

The platform allows you to define variable delivery time estimation depending on the goods to be delivered.

Track deliveries in real time: monitor deliveries, visualize stops and time spent.

View the stops made and the time spent on each section and at each delivery point. The Work&Track Mobile navigator features a navigation assistant that allow your drivers to get directions to the delivery point without the possibility of address transcription errors, and with an installed navigator that works even offline (off-line maps).

The driver will inform you of the arrival and departure at each delivery point, as well as any incidents en route, so you will always have an accurate overview of the status of each delivery.

Work&Track Mobile covers all the needs required of a Field Service Software for the most agile and advanced management of a company’s field services. A process management software that has a powerful workflow and form design tool to effectively adapt to any company, sector, size and business process, with minimum costs, without the need of an investment in field staff mobile terminals (because they can download the app from the cloud) and with a prompt implementation.

Manage the transport fleet: Work&Track fleet GPS

If you have a fleet of vehicles, integration with our fleet management system will allow you to control and manage their location, your drivers’ rest times and even download, store and manage digital tachograph data.

Work&Track fleet GPS is a complete fleet location, control and management system. It allows companies to optimize and improve all the processes linked to their vehicles and other mobile assets.

The system facilitates real-time access to relevant current and historical information: location, route, fuel consumption, vehicle status, fleet data, costs generated…

In short, the platform’s features and functionalities have provided the perfect solution for all last mile delivery company staff to optimize:

  • Estimation of delivery times.
  • Real-time monitoring.
  • Service planning and transport management.
  • Digital forms and activity reporting.
  • Integration with other ERP systems.

Last mile optimized delivery management

At Work&Track Mobile we offer options to help companies address the challenges related to the most advanced last mile delivery management. Our expertise allows us to become a true partner along the journey of the digital transformation of mobility.





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