NEO Information Solutions and ServiceOcean Product Partners

Intelligent software solutions for call center and field service

ServiceOcean and Work&Track Mobile become product partners

The technology developer NEO Information Solutions ad ServiceOcean will be partners in the future. The partnership aims to digitize the customer care process integrally.

The challenge of coordinating deadlines in the field: the initial situation

Friday, 9 a.m., in the call center of an energy supply company: A customer has been waiting in the waiting loop for what feels like an eternity. A free employee is finally on hand: However, he can’t resolve the issue directly – the customer needs a service technician on site. Since the agent has no access to the technicians’ schedule, the customer must be contacted again to arrange an appointment on site. As the service technician then contacts the same day, the customer does not answer his phone. When he calls back at 6:00 p.m., another call center agent picks up the phone, but he cannot help him because he has no insight into the scheduling of the technicians.

“Unfortunately, almost all of us have already experienced such a situation – but it is also clear that in our digital times, customer service as the first point of contact increasingly determines customer satisfaction and loyalty, and that customer service really does work differently. This is a challenge we are taking up together with ServiceOcean,” promises José Antonio Gutiérrez, CEO of NEO Information Solutions.

The solution: NEO Information Solutions and ServiceOcean join forces

The combination of intelligent appointment callbacks from ServiceOcean and the Work&Track solution creates significant added value for management, employees and customers: This provides the technologies necessary for customer service, giving an overview of all information on the availability, location and workload of field staff – in real time of course.

With the intelligent callback management system from ServiceOcean callers are no longer required to wait in the hotline. The customer receives various appointment options while still on hold and is then called back punctually at the time of his choice. Thanks to the combination of the system with that of NEO Information Solutions, the call center agent gets real-time insight into free appointments and bookings.

Not only can he call the customer back on time, but he can also provide him with precise information about which sales representative will arrive on site at what time, to take care of his concerns. “The efficiency resulting from the partnership between our two companies not only reduces costs but also creates added value for customers and employees and increases their satisfaction,” explains Thomas Addison, Managing Director at ServiceOcean.

In order to subsequently survey customer satisfaction, the ServiceOcean software sends the customer an SMS or e-mail informing him of the content of the call and the appointment. This appointment can be rebooked or cancelled if necessary. This increases the chances of availability by up to 25%.

This is how Customer Centricity works!

About ServiceOcean

ServiceOcean creates reachability

Since 2013 ServiceOcean has been standing for a new accessibility in the digital era. Innovative software solutions improve key figures and replace waiting loops in the service center, cold calls in sales and waiting times on site with intelligent appointments. The flexible total solution works to capacity, fully automatically, precisely to the minute and requires no interface. Companies benefit from the best key figures in terms of availability, high cost efficiency and satisfied customers and employees. The award-winning innovation leader is growing at its locations in St. Gallen and Cologne.

About NEO Information Solutions

Since its foundation in 2000, NEO Information Solutions has focused on the development of technologies to improve mobility processes. We consistently pursue our vision: mobility is the key for the digital transformation and the fastest way to improve competitiveness. With the Work&Track mobility platform, we offer companies a digital solution for the management, control and tracking of all field service processes and for all mobile resources such as vehicle fleets or mobile technical equipment.

The Work&Track platform handles more than 35.000 field service processes daily for our customers worldwide in a wide range of sectors such as healthcare, energy supply, facility management, industrial maintenance and logistics.


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