NEO and Wymaq sign partnership agreement

NEO and Wymaq sign partnership agreement

The developer of technology to improve mobility processes NEO managing mobility and the machinery rental platform Wymaq sign a partnership agreement. The partnership aims to establish an effective system to digitise the processes of monitoring, maintenance and repair of machinery in the field.

The combination of Wymaq and Work&Track Mobile mobility software is a step forward in the digitisation of machine maintenance processes and tasks for its customers, providing the necessary technology for advanced field reporting and real-time monitoring of machine logistics.

Work&Track Mobile

Efficient technology for the optimisation of the technical assistance service (TAS)

Aware that mobility is the key to digital transformation and the fastest way to improve competitiveness, NEO managing mobility has developed the Work&Track Mobile software to streamline the planning of machinery support processes, speeding up service order management and real-time activity reporting.

Work&Track Mobile manages more than 35,000 technical assistance processes for companies around the world every day, guaranteeing high levels of quality in service delivery and productive performance of technicians in maintenance and repair of machinery.


Wymaq is a technology company specialising in the rental and management of heavy machinery for construction, industry and mining.

In a highly analogue industry, Wymaq was born with a clear purpose: to develop digital tools that allow to connect in an agile, profitable and sustainable way, increasing the productivity of the sector and bringing greater transparency to the processes.

On the one hand, it has a rental marketplace that connects supply with demand for equipment in an agile and simple way. On the other hand, a Software (SaaS) that allows to control the productivity of the equipment on site in a 100% digital and remote way.

Wymaq is currently present in Argentina, Chile and Peru, where more than 650 users are already interacting.

The challenge of monitoring your equipment on site

Having construction sites simultaneously in different locations is not easy to manage. You can’t be everywhere at once and you have to rely on inefficient and poorly controlled information flows to have some visibility over your operation.

Multiple equipment rentals, monitoring of machinery on site, purchase of spare parts, maintenance, technical assistance. At the end of the day you waste between 3 and 5 hours in repetitive and analogue communications that do not add value to your work.


Work&Track Mobile and Wymaq join forces.

Through the Wymaq platform you can centralise all the information related to your machinery rentals and their management in the field. Thanks to the integration with the Work&Track Mobile solution, you can monitor in real time the activity of the equipment on site and streamline the planning of maintenance and technical assistance services.

This way, you have visibility of your operation wherever you are, in a controlled and agile process. You save time in data recording and information processing and you can schedule your maintenance tasks in advance, generating significant savings in logistical costs.