Optimizing route management via GPS

Optimizing route management via GPS

The main advantage of GPS route management lies in getting the most out of the vehicle during the logistics routes, against poor planning, overlooked detail in paperwork or inefficient fleet management wich are more than enough reasons to lose the company economic stability and market share.

Weak managerial skills in fleet management can lead to a multitude of logistical challenges and as a consequence can affect business relationships with customers, however, in the digital era, the best ally for logistics and transports is a welldeveloped GPS route optimizer solution.

This is where a specialized software solution in route management and field service such as Work&Track provides the best advantages for companies. Regardless of the company size, you can integrate the most modern and more completed platform to manage mobility during cargo transport and logistics services:

  • GPS route optimization.
  • Monitoring field services employees.

The security provided by GPS route management

Due to the increase in thefts (of trucks and cargo) during routes, transport companies invests more and more in security. The latest innovation in this matter is the vehicle sensorization by GPS / GPRS with focus on particular elements such as: real-time communication with local traffic agents, automatic door activators, panic button, connection to a 24-hour alarm, remote vehicle disabling system. As well as the security transit route corridors, which cause an alarm when the vehicle leaves its route in anticipation of a possible coercion or kidnapping and to know when a movement occurs outside the authorized hours.

A GPS route optimizer will not only help us with safety, it will also be able to detect and determine the location of a truck, keeping the fleet fully controlled and at the same time, grabbing accurate information in real time during work days , mileage, rentings, overnight stays, itineraries, report automation or digital tachograph management.

Advantages of route planning and optimization

The Work&Track Mobile Platform efficiently plans the activity and schedules for drivers, saving valuable time to accomplish logistics management. The system includes a GPS route planner and optimizer that defines the best transport route between two different geographical points. The system determines the arrival time at each point and helps to assign the routes to vehicles and drivers in the most efficient way. In addition, it offers the possibility of establishing an estimated route delivery time, but these are not the onlies, the system incorporates the following advantages:

  • Prepare and distribute services in advance. Employees will start the day knowing what to collect or deliver, where, how and when…
  • Track routes in real time. Obtain, in a simple and intuitive way, useful information of the status of each of the services. It will ensure that everything is done on time.
  • Act in the face of day-to-day unforeseen events, modifying planning with agility. By means of a simple drag-drop you can change, instantly, the assignment of tasks and communicate it to the members of your team involved. All in a single, simple and intuitive screen, which you can consult, in real time, in time line format or on a map.
  • The platform is compatible with the GPS Work&Track fleet management system.

An added benefit: the monitoring of field employees in real time

Work&Track Mobile, with its monitor employees tool, will display in front of you the real-time information you need to take action regarding:

  • The task status assigned to each worker and where they are.
  • The exact time and place of start and end of the service, with which you can quantify the cost per service.
  • The location of the employees and the route they have followed between services.
  • Workers’ working hours record.

With the employee monitoring system, you will know the tasks are being carried out, in the right place and in the right way. The client will know what time employees will arrive to do the services, and in case of delay, they will be notified.

Work&Track Mobile adapts to the needs of your company no matter its size, allowing forms and processes design, tasks performances and mobile reports supporting highly complex schemes.





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