How to be more efficient in preventive maintenance tasks?

How to be more efficient in preventive maintenance tasks?

Use technology to digitize preventive maintenance tasks

Nowadays, the tasks of preventive maintenance or systematic scheduled maintenance have provided companies with a wealth of information. Its digitization through preventive maintenance software has facilitated exponentially all tasks related to the maintenance of assets and field equipment.

The analysis, planning and allocation of scheduled maintenance tasks with Big Data and Artificial Intelligence technology has increased the speed of data processing generated to ensure better use of assets, equipment and facilities.

When planning all actions to be carried out on facilities, assets, equipment and technicians, a preventive maintenance software will improve the efficient use of resources and will pay special attention to those tasks that serve to prevent equipment in working order from ceasing to function.

Efficiently manages preventive tasks

Preventive maintenance tasks must be developed regardless of the condition of the equipment, and carried out on a recurring basis throughout its useful life. When it comes to establishing preventive tasks, the most efficient are those carried out on equipment and installations that require medium or high availability, of certain importance in the production system and whose failures can cause disruptions in the company’s production plan.

For production processes to run more efficiently, at least 80% of preventive tasks are usually planned and scheduled in advance. A computerized maintenance management system (CMMS) with mobile field preventive task assignment can make this task easier, because it allows all preventive maintenance to be planned in a few clicks. Some tasks that can be automatically scheduled and assigned to available resources through the preventive maintenance software are:

  • Send work orders to each worker’s mobile terminal.
  • Automate preventive maintenance visits.
  • Plan the necessary resources for each preventive task.

Reflect the precise documentation and type of preventive tasks to be carried out

It is very important to obtain detailed information about each asset, equipment or facility. Take note of details such as make and model, serial number, technical specifications, identification numbers, operating data, usage rules or information about equipment locations. The more data you can collect on each asset or piece of equipment, the better. Next, document the current state of the equipment so you know where you stand and how you should prioritize preventive tasks in the preventive maintenance software. The type of preventive tasks that assets require may have to do with:

  • Technical cleaning of equipment,
  • Replacement of elements subject to wear,
  • Checking the condition and operation of the assets that require it,
  • Calibration and performance verification, etc.

Preventive maintenance software ensures better asset management and performance, minimizing the risk of failure during production periods with the consequent considerable loss of time and money.

Use Field Service technology for preventive field maintenance

A preventive maintenance software is an essential element in any preventive maintenance plan. The use of a Field Service application for the planning and coordination of preventive tasks directed to the technical field team, will allow to organize in a simple way all the tasks of the preventive maintenance plan, the scheduling of work orders, the mobile reporting of field reports and also the management of resources and work days (what, who, where and when).

We recommend to take into account in order to carry out an effective preventive maintenance program:

  • The skill set of your field engineering team,
  • The available budget,
  • The characteristics of the assets, equipment and facilities,
  • The preferences of the work team,
  • Security in data processing.

One of the main characteristics to remember when looking for a technological solution to streamline preventive maintenance is that the technology must be easy to use. If a system is too difficult to understand and use, it will not be useful to the production process and consequently all the time and money invested may not have the desired return.

The key performance indicators will help you to better analyze the work done

It is difficult to know if a preventive maintenance program is operating efficiently without establishing specific performance indicators. Some common metrics for measuring asset and equipment performance may have to do with planned maintenance percentage, preventive maintenance compliance, overall equipment effectiveness or mean time to failure. But, once actual data on equipment performance is obtained on a regular basis, measurement and analysis will serve to establish improvements in determining more efficient and effective preventive maintenance strategies.

Digital forms to streamline work reporting

The digital forms will help you to perform an agile and effective control of the indicators of each asset or equipment of the production process. The generalized report of the field technicians while they perform their preventive work, will allow you to know the status of the asset in a timely manner, taking the most appropriate preventive actions. Through the computer system, the coordinator will be able to assign preventive service orders to the nearest technicians and carry them out in real time.

Optimize your plan on a cyclical basis

Preventive maintenance is a never-ending task. Your preventive maintenance plan should always be under construction and continuously improving. By analyzing the data collected, the work order report and the various reports, you will show your strengths and weaknesses and find the most effective way to optimize the performance of your preventive maintenance team.

Maintenance, infrastructure and technical services managers use Work&Track Mobile in their preventive maintenance plans to make the most of their assets, equipment and available resources. An effective Field Service solution to streamline processes and plan preventive maintenance tasks in a single comprehensive digital management platform.





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