Process management in Facility Services: ISO 41001:2018

Process management in Facility Services: ISO 41001:2018

In recent years, thanks to innovation and the advance of new technologies, Facility Services companies have promoted new work methodologies in their organizations, supported by the digital transformation of their process management. The flexibility offered by process management to integrate standards such as ISO 41001:2018 has contributed to the efficient management of real estate and support services, Facility Management (FM).

With the digitalization of processes and standardization, multiservice companies dedicated to property management and maintenance support services, repairs, adaptations, expansions or auxiliary services, have obtained the best results, in terms of:

  • Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your processes by reducing costs and increasing productivity.
  • Improving customer satisfaction by offering a fast and efficient service.
  • Improving sustainability with measures to reduce environmental impact.

For multi-service companies that need to digitize the way they work, technology helps to identify key areas for improvement. Once these areas have been identified, and a commitment to improvement has been acquired from all stakeholders, organizations are initially prepared to implement a PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) continuous improvement cycle that will lead them to achieve their goals.

What processes can be digitized to comply with standardization?

To see it, we show you the processes to achieve the reference standard in Facility Management: ISO 41001:2018, in its different stages:

1. Preparation: the organization must prepare for the certification process, which includes:

  • Understand the requirements of the standard to be able to implement a Facility Management services system.
  • Establish a project team to lead the certification process.
  • Perform a self-assessment identifying the degree of compliance with the requirements of the standard.

2. Implementation: the organization must implement a Facility Management management system that complies with the requirements of ISO 41001:2018. This includes:

  • Develop FM policy and objectivesthat are aligned with the requirements of the standard.
  • Define processes and procedures to facilitate compliance with the requirements of the standard.
  • Documenting the Facility Management system so that it can be audited.

3. Application for certification from an accredited certification agency.

4. Certification Audit: the certification agency shall conduct an audit to assess the organization’s compliance with the requirements of the standard.

5. Obtaining the certificate: if the organization complies with the requirements of the standard, the certification body shall issue a certificate of conformity.

A Process Management Software can help in the preparation or implementation phases, as a tool to carry out the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) continuous improvement cycle, or to carry out any certification audit, facilitating the analysis of data on the performance of your real estate and support services.

Process management technology is capable of identifying areas for improvement by integrating Business Intelligence tools with trend detection and analysis.

This workflow technology based on artificial intelligence algorithms for the intelligent automation of tasks such as preventive maintenance or risk management, enables the dispatching of tasks, planning and organization of services, allowing the multiservice company to focus on more strategic tasks.

What tips can we give you to obtain ISO 41001:2018?

  • Involve stakeholders (such as employees, customers and suppliers).
  • Use a process-based approach: for the purpose of implementing your FM system.
  • Document the FM system: the organization must digitize all its activity in a clear and concise manner.
  • Conduct an internal audit: the organization should conduct an internal audit to identify any areas for improvement prior to the certification audit.

At NEO managing mobility, we are aware that achieving standardization goals can take months or even years, so we want to help you in this business journey, and for this, we have developed the Work&Track Mobile process management software, capable of streamlining the processes linked to the audit, digitizing the management of real estate and support services (FM).

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