Route planner

Route Planner

Route planner

Route planner

Route planner

Route planner with direct delivery to the driver’s phone

In the current complex environment, it is necessary to have visibility and control of both operations and personnel in mobility. If your fleet, commercial or technical service vehicles perform routes with several waypoints, Work&Track Mobile is your tool. It will help you to optimize the services, reducing up to 25% the kilometers to the customer, also cutting the costs of the fleet and the COemissions.

More customers, less kilometers

With Work&Track Mobile you can offer a service of maximun punctuality while at the same time controlling the costs of fleet maintenance or outsourcing of the service.

The system consists of:

  • Mobile App

    Para el despacho de servicios.
    Permite recibir del personal en movilidad comprobantes de entrega instantáneos e información del estado del servicio.

  • The Web platform

    For the planning of services and transport management by coordinators and managers.
    It works for all types of vehicles.

route planner

The best solution for the creation, management and optimization of routes

The Work&Track Mobile platform helps you prepare and plan efficiently your drivers activity and schedules, saving value time.

The platform has an optimizer that defines the best route between different geographical points. The system determines the time of arrival at each point and helps assigns routes to vehicles and drivers in the most efficent way possible. In addition, it offers the possibility of defining estimates of variable delivery times. 

  • Prepare and distribute the services in advance. Your employees will start the day knowing what to pick up or deliver, where, how and when.
  • Track in real time. Get, in a simple and intuitive way, useful information, about the status of each of your services. It guarantees that everything is done on time.
  • It allows you to modifiy with agility in the face of unforeseen events. Through a simple drag-drop you can change, instantly, the assignment of tasks and communicate it to the members of your team. All in a single screen, simple and intuitive, that you can consult, in real time, in a temporary line or map format.