FSM Software for sample collection

FSM Software for sample collection

Field Service Software for sample collection

The FSM software available for companies to collect all the necessary information in the field, improves coordination between the central office and field workers. Any technician can download the Work&Track Mobile app on their own mobile phone and follow step-by-step the coordinator’s service orders previously configured in the digital forms, following the established procedures to complete an efficient sample collection.

A considerable improvement which has been applied to a wide range of activity sectors, such as the health sector, with the necessity to streamline the procedures carried out in the collection of COVID-19 samples, in accordance with the guidelines that are dictated to maintain standards, prevention norms, safety or work protocols. Another improvement has been that the FSM software is also a tool for collecting information on trends and parameters on a timeline and relating them to other external and internal study factors.

The digital forms that support sampling serve as a guide for field technicians, being an ideal tool for collecting information in the field, graphically, with the possibilities offered by today’s mobile phones, and with the option of reporting in real time the progress of the operation being carried out, safely and efficiently.

Sample collection, which was previously done in paper format, now takes on a more complete and efficient approach by transferring it to digital format. Along with other extra functionalities integrated in the advanced Field Service software, such as organisational functionalities in the automated planning of field tasks, route optimisation or those dedicated to field management such as chat, QR reading or digital signature.

There are many examples of processes in which the Field Service Management software Work&Track Mobile has been effectively adapted in companies whose technicians have been involved in the collection of samples in the field, for example:

  • Georeferenced sampling record by coordinates.
  • Collection of information on materials
  • Implementation and monitoring of regulations and consultancy.
  • Optimisation of sample collection routes.
  • Instructions, guidelines and protocols to be followed when taking samples.
  • Automated sample planning.
  • Documentary control for certifications and quality management systems.
  • Digital forms for health monitoring with COVID-19 protocols.

Work&Track Mobile in sample collection during the pandemic

During the coronavirus crisis, the Work&Track platform has been implemented to improve the planning and organisation of home sampling processes for patients with COVID-19 symptoms, which has led to a reduction in infections and waiting lists in the collapsed public health system.

The functionalities that have been integrated in record time have improved the ability of field technicians to efficiently obtain self-diagnostic tests on patients with reduced mobility at the target addresses.

Coronavirus sample collection
Coronavirus sample collection

The implementation of the system allocates resources efficiently during sampling by each unit, acquiring complete field information from the team of technicians coordinating the work.

The ambulance service is now making possible the efficient and safe transfer of evidence for treatment by medical staff.

The Work&Track Mobile system provides the most efficient platform for sample collection and real-time monitoring of the technical operation, offering a holistic view with confidence that the technical service traceability meets the standards.





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