Software for Maintenance Management

Software for Maintenance Management

Software for the management of preventive and corrective maintenance processes is an effective tool to avoid unnecessary downtime or depreciation in the management of assets and infrastructure and other capital equipment.

With the maintenance management software it is possible to carry out the automatic task planning of the field technical staff in a much simpler way and in real time.

The digitalization of processes has allowed us to manage a greater number of preventive maintenance work orders, without accumulating them, dedicating less time and effort to the exhaustive control of each intervention or to the systematic and digital treatment of the incidents that constitute the daily work of the professionals of the sector.

From bulldozers to mechanical equipment to building maintenance, industrial cleaning and production lines, Work&Track Mobile is the software for maintenance management that adapts to the needs of your assets:

  • Manages preventive maintenance by sending the best available resource at any given moment and at the right time. Avoid costs by bringing forward interventions or possible breakdowns by delaying them.
  • Implements maintenance circuits for corrective actions automatically upon detection of any anomaly.
  • It makes available to field technicians all historical information on each asset, facilitating the detection of new problems or ensuring that they pay attention to the most problematic elements.

The perfect tool to better manage the maintenance of your assets

Work&Track Mobile‘s maintenance management software with mobile reporting allows you to carry out:

  • Define and follow up maintenance plans.
  • Organize and coordinate the actions of technicians and external collaborators.
  • Obtain visibility and control of all the team’s actions through centralized management.
  • Automate the assignment of tasks and actions based on business criteria (resource capacity, proximity, workload, etc.).
  • Eliminate paper and low-value administrative tasks by integrating information into your systems.
  • Optimize work routes.
  • Dispatch new services and emergencies intelligently.
  • Collect all the information of the activity performed through digital forms and dynamic processes.
  • Collect anomalies and incidents in the field and work on the resolution process.
  • Manage health and safety processes related to the activity.

The system is extremely scaleable, an ideal tool for growing or expanding companies.




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