How to optimise EVcharge technical service?

How to optimise EVcharge technical service?

Efficient technical service for EVcharge installation, repair and maintenance

In general, scheduling the installation and maintenance services of electric charging points is usually a headache for the manager of electric charging stations. Matching the schedules of the technical staff with the services according to customer requests and assigning them to a certain route takes up a large part of the useful time.

In addition to this, there is also the scheduling, management and control of the daily service activity, paperwork and new customer requests as they come in.

On the other hand, ensuring that the technical service is efficient and performs installation of charging points according to technical specifications, monitors their correct operation and carries out regular maintenance measures to prolong the lifetime of the terminal can be a major workload. 

In this sense, Field Service technology has arrived to help us to productively manage the company’s resources (assets and people), and to deal with planning, real time task assignment and control of the displaced activity of the technical service with mobile reporting.

The scheduling of daily tasks is simplified with the automatic assignment for each technician, the monitored control of the displaced activity is carried out in real time, and the route optimisation or mobile reporting are essential tools to move to the indicated place and report to the manager comfortably what is happening.

It is an ideal tool for monitoring any preventive maintenance plan. The technical service will anticipate solutions to possible problems, saving costs, being efficient and securing the investment. In addition, savings and productivity improvement measures will be promoted.

Software + APP for technical service maintenance of EVcharges

With the Work&Track Mobile system, based on work process configuration, you can save time and paperwork because you no longer have to perform each task manually.

A tool widely used by companies with technical management of customer incidents, with which to coordinate all the maintenance of electric charging points directly or outsourced, through an APP for the technical service.

From Work&Track Mobile, maintenance tasks and incident reporting are carried out easily and efficiently.


Workflow system diagram

The platform has been designed to meet the most demanding needs by focusing on quality, developing an impeccable technical service from start to finish, doing more with fewer resources:

  • Scheduling the work of technicians, collaborators or external contractors.
  • Allow customers to arrange service windows according to their needs.
  • Optimising work routes
  • Dispatch new services and emergencies intelligently in real time.
  • Gather all the information on the activity to be carried out through digital forms and dynamic processes.
  • Collect anomalies and incidents in the field and work on their resolution cycle and implement preventive maintenance measures.
  • Manage any process linked to the activity.
  • Generate actions, receive notifications or report activity on completion of tasks or phases of a service.

Don’t let the maintenance of electric charging points take more time and resources than necessary. With applications such as Work&Track Mobile, the technical service will be much more efficient, making each task more effective, reducing trips, saving fuel and reducing CO2 emissions.





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