Software with time recording app for cleaning services

Software with time recording app for cleaning services

Plan the deployment of cleaning personnel in a time-saving manner and simplify time recording and reporting with a mobile app – now make the cleaning company fit for the future

Customers are becoming more and more demanding. Everything has to be cleaned in the shortest time, at reasonable prices, often at very short notice. With COVID-19 there are further challenges for cleaning companies. The Work&Track Mobile software relieves and supports them.

Cleaning companies, even small ones, are in great demand nowadays

Companies in the cleaning sector, especially small companies, often work with a lean and pragmatic organization. Oral order placement, classical planning boards or Excel and paper forms for order and reporting are used. Employees have to send the reports by mail or come back to the office again and again (which is not desired under the current CORONA situation).

At the same time one has to assert oneself more and more also against big competitors. These impress the customer with a professional appearance. In fact, the customers are also becoming more and more demanding. Everything has to be cleaned in the shortest time, at reasonable prices, often at very short notice.

It is obvious: The need to know “what, who, where, now, what is done and what next” is increasing! But most software solutions are right for large companies with an IT department and have great requirements for integration with other IT programs. So how to proceed?

Putting a modern, time-saving, low-cost solution into operation at short notice with the Work&Track Mobile software!

Work&Track is ideal for small businesses (SME). The software allows the planning and scheduling of cleaning staff and paperless processes with a mobile app for cleaning staff. Shift/plan changes or new work instructions can be planned and communicated in real-time and without physical contact (e.g. for additional disinfection of surfaces or door handles to prevent contact infections). Communication in real time, between disposition/object management and cleaning personnel, as well as the documentation (up-to-date!) of the services rendered and working hours, becomes possible.

A solution in the cloud is used and a mobile app is deployed, which is suitable for mapping company-specific work processes. New requirements, such as those relating to COVID-19, can also be added easily in this way.

Optionally, other IT/software systems can be connected. But also simple data exports to Excel are supported (e.g. for immediate invoicing, notabene with very accurate service invoices).

Time saving, overview, compliance with hygiene requirements with Work&Track Mobile

For the cleaning company, life becomes easier. Work&Track allows you to focus entirely on customers and spend less time and thought on staff scheduling.

Many companies in the cleaning industry now use Work&Track, while saving costs and being able to take on more demanding projects (increased turnover).

How is the dispatcher or site manager helped?

  • Professional paperless working!
  • Always have an overview of “what, who, where, now, soon”.
  • Order planning, also of recurring tasks.
  • Dynamic scheduling and short-term allocation of cleaning staff.
  • Receive performance and time management, including export of data (e.g. to Excel or other software).

How is the cleaning staff helped?

  • Simple paperless working!
  • Work to be done is clearly arranged and stored directly on the mobile app.
  • Check lists per object are available.
  • Problems can be recorded by means of a photo.
  • Correct time recording (incl. breaks) is done directly on the Smartphone.

And this is how we implement the introduction with Work&Track together!

Step 1: Work&Track has defined typical work processes for cleaning companies We adapt these together with you. Important: Work&Track also allows us to map your very specific requirements.

Step 2: One-time recording of all employees and their working hours.

Step 3: Work&Track employees load the mobile app (Android, IOS iPhone) from the app store/GooglePlay.

Step 4: The dispatcher enters the orders for building, office and house cleaning.

Step 5: The dispatcher assigns the orders to the right cleaning staff.

Step 6: The cleaner checks the incoming orders on the SmartPhone and confirms them!

Step 7: The cleaner works according to the checklist, records the working time, logs any problems with photo.

Step 8: The dispatcher checks the status of the work, informs the customer if necessary, transfers the data to the accounting department for immediate invoicing.

As a small business you can now test the software. In 72 hours we will introduce the software. Save time and money. Prepare for the future.

Contact our sales department for Switzerland, Germany and Austria, now, without obligation for a first conversation and free demo.

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