TECH service APP efficient technology for pool maintenance

TECH service APP efficient technology for pool maintenance

Tech service APP to improve the technical pool maintenance service 

It is becoming increasingly common for companies with technical services for swimming pools to turn to technological solutions to improve their services and be more productive. However, although the digitalization process is not yet a widespread practice in the sector, it does represent a competitive advantage for those companies that implement it, improving their performance, simplifying the management of incidents, processes and tasks in technical inspections or quality controls, for example.

Therefore, the days are numbered when the way of working with processes of the past, such as transferring work orders by voice, using planning sheets or paper forms, writing down orders and reports, or going back to the office time and time again to clock in and out of work, are numbered.

In order to survive in the pool maintenance sector, companies need to specialize more and more in order to better respond to their customers, and opt for technological solutions that allow them to offer services quickly, flexibly and efficiently. 

Therefore, SAT technology for the management of field personnel dedicated to swimming pool maintenance is placed in front of traditional management, to improve the integral management of technical services by keeping under control “the what, the who, the where, the when and the how”.

For most self-employed, small and medium-sized businesses, software solutions for field service management need not be unattainable, nor require a large investment in equipment or IT support staff to be implemented.

A Tech service APP offers the ideal mechanisms for resolving any out-of-office issues

Work&Track Mobile is a solution adapted to the technical assistance services (TAS) of any company. The key processes of swimming pool maintenance companies can be easily monitored, while maintaining a clear commitment to speed of response to the customer. The assurance that processes are followed as per the canons and the simplification of field tasks occurs in:

  • Estimated cost/requirements for direct delivery of service offerings and digital signature of invoices.
  • Scheduling and monitoring of technical service, vehicles, mobile equipment.
  • Assignment of tasks via the mobile application to employees on the move.
  • Route optimization for fuel and fleet cost savings.
  • Creation and submission of registration, monitoring, inspection, certification or maintenance reports.
  • Digital forms and checklists to follow specific pool maintenance processes: cleaning, colouring, pH measurement, use of anti-algae, purifier maintenance, recording of general maintenance tasks for aquatic facilities, monitoring of water quality controls, follow-up of technical supervision processes for pressure valves, control of water pump and filter records, processes for official certifications, etc.
  • Management of working hours and timetables of the company’s staff.
  • Technical support and integrated chat for out-of-office work.

In short, with the digital transformation of the SAT activity, dedicating more time to the specific needs of each client will be more convenient. The use of time is more effective in the field, with the distribution of tasks and, at the same time, fewer errors occur with the recording of activity.

Many companies in the sector use Work&Track Mobile, while saving costs and being able to take on larger projects, without taking risks, simply by making better use of their resources, better adapting services, being faster and more efficient with the use of the application during technical services for the maintenance of facilities and swimming pools: 

  • Paperless working.
  • Orders clearly organized and stored in the cloud.
  • Digital forms to follow for each task or process, avoiding errors.
  • Control references for each service that can be recorded by photo or video.
  • Automatic reporting of activity to coordinators and clients.
  • Time recording (including breaks) is done directly via each employee’s mobile phone.

How is the implementation done with Work&Track Mobile?

Step 1: The current work processes of the pool maintenance company are defined together with the customer.
Important: Work&Track also allow you to include your specific requirements.

Step 2: Single record of all employees and their working hours.

Step 3: Employees download the mobile application (Android, IOS iPhone).

Step 4: The coordinator/administrator enters the orders for the day’s services.

Step 5: The coordinator/administrator assigns the orders to the staff on duty.

Step 6: The technical services check the incoming service requests on your mobile and confirm them.

Step 7: The technical services work according to the list of services, records the working time, and any problems via mobile phone.

Step 8: The coordinator/administrator checks the status of the job, informs the client if necessary, transfers the data to the accounting department for immediate invoicing.

With Work&Track Mobile, any type of company, regardless of its size, can use software technology for swimming pool maintenance. In 72 hours it will be implemented and available to the company and its field technicians to save time and money in daily management.





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