How to provide an efficient technical service in solar plants?

How to provide an efficient technical service in solar plants?

Tech service App for solar plant maintenance

Photovoltaic solar plants are exposed to all kinds of inclement weather and external agents that alter the conditions of the solar panels, equipment and electrical wiring that make them up. It is very important to provide an effective technical maintenance service that ensures the production of renewable electricity, guarantees correct operation and prolongs the useful life of the photovoltaic solar plant.

Tech service App for solar plant maintenance are being a tool widely used by energy service companies, industries and public administrations to coordinate the maintenance of solar plants and technical maintenance services (own or outsourced).

There are many examples where the lack of timely reporting can cause substantial economic losses. A better management of solar plants will have to pay attention to: defects in the manufacture of the photovoltaic cells, deterioration in the connections between the photovoltaic cells, poorly made installations of solar panels, shadows caused by weather changes, poor condition of the installation or inadequate maintenance, etc.

The use of applications for the monitoring and maintenance of solar plants by the contracted technical service will anticipate solutions to possible problems, saving costs and securing the investment.

Advantages of process mobilisation for technical service of solar farms

Another major advantage of mobile applications for the maintenance of solar plants is the mobilisation of corrective and preventive maintenance processes carried out in the field on photovoltaic plants, combined with the possibility of integration and scalability depending on the business.

It also gives some autonomy to the technicians on duty who can, in a very visual way, obtain real-time information on the status of their service orders from their mobile device or tablet and manage work orders according to their status and responsibility.

From Work&Track Mobile, the tech service App for solar plant maintenance, it will be possible to perform maintenance tasks and check solar panel breakdowns, working directly on the photovoltaic solar plants from each technician’s mobile phone and report any type of breakdown easily and efficiently.

This platform has been designed to meet the most demanding needs of the self-employed and energy companies by providing the capacity to:

  • Integration with other management systems or ERPs.
  • Integration with the customer’s GIS systems (including visualisation of the customer’s distribution networks on all the platform’s maps).
  • IoT (integration and native modules) for Smart Meter and Smart Grid solutions.

Implement an effective technical service by doing more with fewer resources

Work&Track Mobile enables the technical maintenance service of photovoltaic solar plants and engineering projects with renewable energies:

  • Organise the work of technicians, collaborators and external contractors.
  • Allow customers to arrange service windows according to their needs.
  • Optimise work routes.
  • Dispatch new services and emergencies intelligently.
  • Collect all the information on the activity carried out through digital forms and dynamic processes.
  • Gather anomalies and incidents in the field and work on their resolution cycle.
  • Manage the health and safety processes linked to the activity.
  • Generate actions or receive notifications on task completion or phases of a service.

Until now, the maintenance of solar panels has involved a lot of time and resources. With applications such as Work&Track Mobile, the technical service will be much more productive with half of the resources used reporting incidents in the field, avoiding tons of unnecessary paperwork in administrative procedures, with a considerable reduction in travel, saving on fuel and reducing CO2 emissions, making reporting and maintenance tasks simpler and more efficient.





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