How to scale technical services effectively?

How to scale technical services effectively?

NEO has developed the technical service technology Work&Track Mobile to scale businesses with no need for a large investment. A system that allows companies to adapt their technical services to digitalisation, without complex technologies or equipment purchases that increase costs.

How does the Work&Track Mobile service technology work?

Work&Track Mobile offers a flexible model of payment per user or licence with which to make the investment profitable in the short term, organising the technical team, wherever they are, in real time, with efficient technology to work any technical service in the field.

The key advantage lies in the process designer and task planner, which automatically assigns work orders to each technician based on their status, location, skills and service characteristics. The system allows you to plan your routes and provide a means of reporting with which to send reports on the services provided from the mobile terminal, securely and reliably, without loss of information.

How have companies scaled their technical services with Work&Track Mobile?

A photovoltaic plant installation company reduces incidents due to insufficient maintenance by 75%

About the company:

A photovoltaic plant company needed to uniformly manage the incidents and maintenance of each plant; 41 solar plants, located in 12 different countries.

With Work&Track Mobile:

153 preventive-productive tasks and 130 specific operations corresponding to 29 different processes, automatically incorporated into the agenda of each technician who receives a customised digital form for each process, adapted to the type of maintenance to be carried out.

Return on investment:

  • 17% reduction in supply downtime.
  • 75% reduction in incidents due to insufficient maintenance.
  • 59% elimination of stock failures.
  • 9,20% reduction of stocks at the plants.

Technical services company monitors customer visit compliance and optimises route planning with Field Service Management

About the company:

This company is dedicated to the revision and maintenance of boilers in Madrid. It has 14 technicians, a fleet of 10 vehicles and checks more than 30,000 boilers a year.

With Work&Track Mobile:

It offers real-time location of the Technical Service vehicles, so that system users can monitor the daily activity of their fleet. And it allows the workload of each of the technicians to be visualised, as well as the geographical distribution of the scheduled visits.

Return on investment

  • 100% of the workforce connected in real time to any unforeseen event.
  • 90% reduction of emails and documentation checks.
  • 80% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • 25% fewer kilometres behind the wheel, cutting floating costs and CO2 emissions.

If you have any questions about how to scale up your business using effective technology for technical service with Work&Track Mobile, call us to +41 41 560 00 71 or write us an email to Whatever you prefer. And we’ll be happy to show you how it works.





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