Telesupervision technical field services operations

Telesupervision in emergency notifications and technical field service operations provides a new scenario for the supervision of operations.

Allows a technical user to initiate and maintain a communication channel with another technician, supervisor or manager through video call and chat (sharing messages, files, videos, etc.) as in Whatsap or Telegram.

Supervisors will no longer have to travel to carry out operations supervision, and will be able to perform their work in real time through the platform Work&Track Mobile.

Connect with your employees, Telesupervise work on the road

  • Telesupervision of operations.
  • Real-time feedback.
  • Content recording and information management in a single platform.
  • Integrated chat. Efficient solution for incident management.
  • Encrypted storage system.

Chat, call, videoconference and file exchange are available to everyone to share information in the field and carry out work orders in a much more agile and efficient way.

Telesupervison and Chat for the field service staff
Telesupervison and Chat for the field service staff

These new functionalities are added to the Field Service Platform Work&Track Mobile to offer companies with out-of-office teams an effective tool to increase productivity and encourage team communication.


Work&Track Mobile is the workflow solution for managing field work.


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