What TSS Software technology is?

What TSS Software technology is?

We understand a Tech Service Software as a type of management software that brings together the functionalities necessary to resolve a technical assistance service from the moment the order is received until its completion. Currently, and thanks to the continuous advances in digital technology, the evolution of the TSS software is applicable to all sectors with technical support services.

The TSS software allows field technicians to autonomously manage their service orders with mobile support, following the appropriate repair, installation and maintenance processes and reporting to the customer or coordinator on pending, ongoing or completed services. 

A TSS is convenient to use for the service technician as it allows real-time coordination and dispatching of work orders without the need to be present in the office. This results in a better control of the tasks and helps to close them earlier. The consequence is an increase in the final customer satisfaction.

Top 10 advantages of a TSS software

  1. Saving by reducing time. Technicians will no longer need to stop by the office daily to receive their service orders. An advantage when handling large volumes of work in large cities.
  2. Comfort. Availability of all the information necessary for the interventions, it will be available to consult the history of previous interventions, history of visits, parts changed, etc.
  3. Higher customer satisfaction. Faster and more punctual service is a guarantee of success, thus generating trust in the relationship with customers.
  4. Allows service planning according to the customer’s needs and inform them of estimated arrival times.
  5. Possibility of customer identification of opportunities and needs. In addition, the app allows you to take photographs of the facilities on site.
  6. Grants permissions to technicians to control their schedules from their cell phones, notify the warehouse of materials used or create new notifications for registered customers.
  7. Collects incidents in the field and work on their resolution process in real-time.
  8. Increases real productivity. Managing incidents as soon as they are known, without intermediaries, without waiting.
  9. Optimizes work routes making the trip shorter, saving on fleet costs and reaching more services with less cost and effort.
  10. Allows you to send detailed reports to customers without delaying time, while the service assistance is being repaired, implementing continuous improvement processes.

Technical services company monitors customer visit compliance and optimizes route planning using TSS software

The company we are referring to is dedicated to the revision and maintenance of boilers, has 14 technicians, a fleet of 10 vehicles and revises about 10,000 boilers per year.

With the TSS Software Work&Track Mobile you can offer real-time location of your service vehicles, and system users can monitor the daily activity of your fleet, visualizing the workload of each technician, as well as the geographic distribution of scheduled visits.

Return of investment (ROI):

  • 100% of field technicians connected in real-time.
  • 90% reduction of emails and documentation checks.
  • 80% increase in customer satisfaction.
  • 25% fewer kilometers behind the wheel, cutting fleet costs and CO2 emissions.

The TSS Software is clearly an advantage in the technical assistance sector, positioning itself as an indispensable system for business growth. It offers quality service and versatility in field operations, for technical services companies that seek to control their processes quickly and efficiently remotely and in real-time.





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