Waste collection monitoring software

Waste collection monitoring software

Streamline waste collection management and avoid unnecessary paperwork

A lot of time and resources are invested in keeping up to date with administrative procedures and formalities. The work can be exhausting and can lead to delays in field operations… time that could be spent on improving the quality of the waste collection service.

In this sense, Work&Track Mobile is a software for organising, planning and monitoring waste collection, which offers solutions adapted to the specific characteristics of each company. The time savings are substantial when you use a software to monitor waste collection, automating processes and tasks carried out outside the office with tools such as:

  • Real-time work monitoring,
  • The management of start and end of working day reports for collection technicians,
  • Automatic scheduling and dispatching of tasks,
  • Optimisation of GPS pick-up and delivery routes,
  • The location and control of vehicles and field technicians,
  • Digitisation of all documentation generated throughout the day.
  • Automatic reporting of waste collection and delivery.

In essence, Work&Track Mobile allows communication between coordinators and field technicians using the mobile terminal as a tool for waste collection; what to do, where, how and when, in the same way that each technician can be autonomous in their collection tasks, reporting the activity in detail, safely and efficiently.

A programme adapted to the activity of any type of company

Our programme for monitoring waste collection establishes workflows in a comprehensive manner through the configuration of processes and task forms for each stage in the transfer of all types of waste to recycling companies. In addition, it allows a greater number of operations to be tackled, reducing the time spent on each collection, increasing productivity and reducing costs.


SaaS programme for waste collection
Task dispatching, planning and process design

By way of use cases, the waste collection programme can be used by:

  • Large companies and organisations, which produce a large amount of waste of all types and sizes, have departments dedicated exclusively to the integrated management of waste and the environment.
  • Also by SMEs and self-employed waste collection and recycling professionals, who seek to guarantee the quality of their services, improve their processes and achieve the desired productivity.
  • Companies dedicated to waste management, with integral waste collection services that need to transform their activity to make it safer and more efficient, following the regulations, offering a complete service for the integral management of special, hazardous and non-hazardous waste streams.
  • For environmental consultancy, with mobile reporting forms composed of text fields, maps, photos and videos to complete the technical supervision processes carried out in the field.
  • For those companies looking to have control over the waste collection activity carried out by subcontracted services, with periodic activity reporting, vehicle tracking, mobile assets and technicians in real time.

The Work&Track Mobile software for automating waste collection simplifies processes and tasks to speed up the processing of documentation, dispatching the work efficiently and safely in real time, based on the monitored report made by the field technicians.





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