Which software do express courier companies use?

Which software do express courier companies use?

Manage your company’s express courier service quickly and efficiently

With the Work&Track Mobile Workflow TMS software for courier companies, you can manage the dispatch of courier and express parcels in optimal conditions, quickly and efficiently, thanks to a mobile application from which you can optimise resources and transmit service orders instantly and directly to the entire sorting and delivery team.

Work&track mobile es el software que utilizan las empresas de mensajería urgente para mejorar su productividad, porque además de agilizar los procesos de mensajería, permite reducir el tiempo de respuesta ante las emergencias y mejorar el servicio en situaciones críticas.

This software, which is accompanied by an app compatible with any Android or IOS mobile terminal, dispatches transport requests in real time to the mobile terminals of the company’s field staff and allows them to report package collections and deliveries, as well as any incident during the process. All this from the same platform, offering complete control of daily operations and providing a comprehensive view and accurate monitoring of the service.

How does a TMS courier system work?

Work&Track Mobile’s TMS (Transportation Management System) links all the links in the courier service chain. In the planning of express courier transport, the system schedules pick-ups, calculates the time required for the transfer and provides, via webservices, information to customers, so that they know when their parcel will arrive, by means of a request confirmation and delivery report. Therefore, the system allows:

  • Placing the customer at the centre of the process by keeping him informed, he will know the arrival time of the package and who is transporting it, avoiding waiting times.
  • Improve driver productivity, optimising their routes, managing incidents in real time or making it easier for them to receive any emergency immediately, without the need for phone calls, and with the exact location of the point they need to go to.
  • Reduce processing times by optimising driver routes, automating documentation, and eliminating unnecessary paperwork.
  • Plan work shifts, so that express drivers know where, and when, to deliver services.
  • Know the condition and maintenance of the fleet, through the forms, to ensure that the fleet has everything it needs to provide the next service, and that they are always ready for optimal mechanical operation.

Why invest in Workflow TMS courier software?

  • Your travel costs will be reduced. Optimised routes allow field workers to be more effective in their travels, reducing fuel consumption.
  • You save on working time. With smarter routes, your delivery staff will deliver in record time.
  • It does not require large implementation costs. It is a cost per licence and per mobility user.
  • The customer will be informed at all times of the tracking of the order and the location of the delivery personnel.
  • You will improve communication between delivery personnel, sorting agents, and the automated processing centre.
  • You will be able to control a greater volume of work, and thus be able to increase your number of services.

Work&Track Mobile is the perfect tool to manage the field services of express courier transport companies. Would you like to try it, get your free demo here and start saving time and money now.





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