Efficient work management reports

Efficient work management reports

How to manage work reports effectively?

The software for technical field service allows companies to manage and optimise the management of work reports for technical assistance services or field services, digitising and monitoring the activity report. With this, the aim is to achieve efficiency in the management of work reports with a reduction in execution times, associated costs and increased productivity. 

Field service support has evolved to be more predictive and professional. Work order management technology is reinforcing operations with task scheduling and route optimisation systems. All in one software, to give the boost the activity needs, keeping assets, people and vehicles under control, evaluating the management of interventions in real time and consequently improving the quality of the service provided.

Carrying out a greater number of operations in the shortest possible time, with greater accuracy and safety, is possible with the right software to efficiently manage work reports.

What tasks can you digitise in the work reports?

A field service software will allow the management of work reports according to the workflow of each company, dispatching services easily to the mobile phone of each field technician, while he performs his installation, repair and/or maintenance tasks.

The software for technical field service is a highly versatile and scalable system adaptable to any sector of activity where technicians will be able to make all kinds of work reports through a digital form from their own mobile phones:

  • Incident management and/or compliance with SLAs (Service Level Agreements).
  • Customised activity reports.
  • Control and monitoring of external services.
  • Monitoring the availability of installation technicians to meet customer demand.
  • Management of incidents, breakdowns, preventive or programmed maintenance.
  • Installation certification processes according to installation regulations.
  • Mobile technical support in asset configuration.
  • Scheduling of maintenance of equipment with travel and remote work requirements.
  • Creation of field reports for the technician team.
  • Equipment installation and maintenance processes.

The software is capable of monitoring equipment remotely, assigning and recording work shifts to each worker and providing a comprehensive view of the status of operations, with work orders assigned according to each technician’s skill set.

Mobility process management with Work&Track Mobile

  • More priority tasks or those closest to you, efficiently and directly from your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Plan maintenance routes and map them with those of the rest of the team.
  • Integrated chat into the application for technical support.
  • Scheduled tasks and forms to automatically keep track of task status.
  • Integrated GPS navigator.
  • On-screen signing, code reading, file uploading to facilitate activity reporting.
  • Working time control.
  • Real-time personalisation of documents.

And it allows the coordinator to dispatch multiple service orders simultaneously, while activating the necessary processes based on work order demand.

Mobility in the operational management of a company requires special solutions that ensure the provision of a quality service with digital management of work reports.

If you have any questions please call us at +41 41 560 00 71 or write us at sales@workandtrack.mobi. Whatever you prefer. We will be happy to show you how Work&Track Mobile manages work reports.





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