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Oil, electricity, eolic energy, gas and water

Energy and utilities

Utilities and energy companies are long time users of workflow management systems. Optimizing in-field and in-facility resource usage and deadlines compliance are key for this sector.

Available specialized tools are complex and expensive. Work&Track Mobile is a cost effective tool designed to kill implantation costs and times, mobilizing processes with special care for utilities, oil and gas, electricity, wind power, sewage treatment, solar energy companies.

Work&Track Mobile improves distribution networks supervision, general network and machinery maintenance, emergency and incidence management, together with home services.

The platform is designed for a perfect fit with the particular needs of energy and utilities companies, offering features for:

  • Subcontractors work coordination.
  • Company’s IT systems integration.
  • Intelligent tasks and services dispatch, based on geography, quality or required skills.
  • Easy GIS integration for visualizing the tasks in customer’s maps.
  • IoT for Smart Meter and Smart Grid solutions.

Work&Track Mobile allows you:

  • Technicians, collaborators and subcontractors unified field service management.
  • Service window concertation.
  • Work routes optimization.
  • Intelligent services and emergencies dispatch.
  • Complete activity log gathered via form design and dynamic processes.
  • Log all field incidences and track their resolution.
  • Manage health&safety processes.
  • Receive automatic warnings in the approppriate moments.